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May 2017


A group exhibition including work by Sarah Walker, Jenny Richardson, Cormac Boydell and Cathy Bacon. Sarah Walker shows a collection of new hydrangea paintings, oil on paper, in the inner gallery. Jenny Richardson is showing three new paintings depicting islands, a particularly poignant view of a lone figure at sea. Cormac shows two new plates, the legendary Fionn Mac Cumhaill and Cairbre and the very touching Kindness.  Cathy Bacon shows a portrait of her dog Christie, a tribute to a dog she loved for many years. 



Cathy Bacon graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2016, her work was displayed as part of the CCAD Graduate Show, Cooked. She describes her paintings as "kinesthetic understandings of perceptual memory made visual through painting. Cathy has a particular affinity with animals having worked as a horse trainer and kept horses and dogs for many years.

Jenny Richardson is a painter living in Beara, originally from Scotland, she had a solo show here in the gallery in 2013 titled 'Eat your Porridge'.The show was about her year in hospital in Edinbirgh from the age of 4 suffering with polio, she made a series of paintings sixty years later about her experience. She was moved to a hospital in Edinburgh while her family was in Libya where her father was posted as an army doctor, the exhbition included beautfully drawn letters from her father during her stay.




title exhibitions-upcoming

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