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Summer 2018

There is a selection of paintings on canvas and paper by Sarah Walker, Cathy Bacon, Lucy Hyland, and Electra Grant on view in the main gallery. There is also a collection of work by various artists in the upstairs mezzanine.


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Big Paper Show

Sarah Walker Gallery has the pleasure of exhibiting artworks on paper by recent graduates Anna Gallwey, Electra Grant, Lucy Hyland, and Muireann Kelleher from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, alongside work by Sarah Walker, Carol Healy, and Cathy Bacon. Exhibition runs until August 26th.

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October 2017

Group exhibition featuring textiles by Sarah Walker, aluminium spray painted flowers by Cian Carroll and textiles by Fiona Clancy.

Spring 2018

During the spring there is a selection of paintings by Sarah Walker on view and a colllection of other artists work in the upstairs mezzanine.

Sarah exhibited a selection of tapestries designed by her and made in Oughterard, Connemara by Dixons. The exhibition took place in Oliver Sears Gallery, Molesworth St, Dublin from May 11th to June 23rd.

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Anelys Wolf - Tables and Heritage

November 17th to 25th

Anelys Wolf is an artist visiting from the island of Chiloé in Chile, she has been making paintings of local people in Beara from a collection of their family photographs. 

Anelys is the daughter of a cutural mix that characterizes the northern areas of the Chiloé Archipelago. Her mother hailed from Quinchao Island in the Chiloé archipelago’s inner sea, from where, as a student, she would go on horseback, boat, and then by train to reach Ancud Teacher training School, where she trained as an elementary school teacher. Her father was a descendant of German settlers, dedicated to agriculture and commerce. Anelys grew up in a typical home in Ancud, with the rain at the window and the warmth of the fire in the wood stove.

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August to Late September 2017

Margaret Corcoran with a selection of graduates.

"Dark Aspasia" - is a work following a theme from Margaret Corcoran's most recent solo show: Aspasia - An Influential Immigrant, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin. It was reviewed favourably by Frieze Art Magazine, London and The Irish Times.

The Three Graces are part of an ongoing series of watercolours and canvases based on images of the sculptor Canova's Neo- Classical marble masterpiece. The three goddesses are shown nude, huddled together. Their heads almost touching. Corcoran liked the delicate beauty and peaceful balance that seems to exist between the three heads.

Also on show will be installations by a  selection of students; Dominika Glowinkowska, graduate from NCAD and  from the Crawford College of Art, Cork; etchings by undergraduate Aaron Philips, textile installation by Carly Gadbury, metal work by Cian Carroll, and photographs by Artem Trofimenko.

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July 2017

Barbara Kenneally
'Mining-Light' - glass and photography.

'The natural beauty of the Beara Peninsula in West Cork has had a profound influence on me from a very young age. Exploration of colour, especially that of Nature’s response to man’s intervention by copper mining, forms the kernel of my inspiration. My camera documents this exploration.

Glass has an honest purity and natural allure. Its transparency allows for exploration of both the surface and the subsurface. I use rock fragments gathered from the abandoned copper mines at Allihies to create moulds for the glass.

I want viewers to enjoy entering this other world of geology and mining and in some way I also hope to evoke reflection on those who lived, worked and passed on from this place.'

- Barbara Kenneally 

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June 2017

 An exhibition featuring textiles by Fiona Clancy with paintings by Sarah Walker. Fiona Clancy's textiles are  large scale abstract compositions of stitched fabric made with her own hand dyed fabric. She makes contemporary wall hangings using  a traditional patchwork tecnique.

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Island - Oiléan

Island - Oileán
July 9th to August 7th 2016

Island - Oileán: An exhibition by Angie Shanahan, Jacqueline O'Driscoll and Eileen Singleton

Paintings, Prints and Sculptural Ceramics.

'Sunlight, turf smoke, seagulls, boatslip, diesel.
One by one we were being handed down
Into a boat that dipped and shilly-shallied
Scaresomely every time. '
(From Seeing Things by Seamus Heaney)

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Sarah O'Brien

June 11th to 29th
Sarah O'Brien    Painting
'Who is Gosh?'

Sarah describes her painting as 'dressing up boards', she uses lots of paint and pieces of fabric and tassles to create pieces which don't necessarily stay on the wall but can drift into the gallery space and bring the viewer into a world of colour. Her work is playful and uplifting, although she claims it's based on the menial tasks of everyday family life, the end result is bursting with a real sense of joy and satisfaction.

In her exhibition this June at Sarah Walker Gallery, Sarah O'Brien is exploring painting through a focus on habitual and domestic actions. Sometimes looking at labour associated with construction, large paintings created with sweeping brushes/toilet brushes and cement trowels realise an unintended aesthetic potential.
Domestic chores are more frequent than artful ones in Sarah's everyday life, this comes through in the work. It is also in keeping with Sarah's method of painting as a space where processes drive the work and everything emerges from this. The lack of control inherent to paint as a medium makes the process all the more engaging. 

Sarah O’Brien’s practice is focused on drawing and painting based installation. Earlier this year she exhibitied in the West Cork Art Centre, Uilinn in a group exhibition Unfold. Recently she took part in The Kindly Ones in the Crawford Gallery, Cork, SYNC, Galway Arts Centre and Eigse. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, having solo shows at Pallas Contemporary Projects (PCP) in May 2008, Very Common Glory, Draiocht Arts Centre in January 2011 A Circle Dance and Stutter and fluid, Bar 8 Galway, curated by Galway Arts Centre.

Among selected group exhibitions Sarah took part in Holding Together (Autumn 2010) at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin which celebrated 50 years of the Modern Art Collection at Trinity College.

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'In the Garden of Last Things' by Bénédicte Coleman, curated by Melania Lynch

Benedicte Coleman, curated by Melania Lynch. Installation

Opened on Culture Night on the 18th of September 2015 an exhibition by Bénédicte Coleman 'In the Garden of Last Things' runs until October 9th.  

These are the last things … one day they will disappear and never come back … you learn to take nothing for granted. Close your eyes for a moment, turn around to look at something else, and the thing that was before you is suddenly gone. Nothing lasts, you see, not even the thoughts inside you. (Paul Auster: In the Country of last things: 1-2) 

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August 2015 - Graduates Summer Show "A Blue Thread"

A Blue Thread

Summer Graduate Show

1st - 22nd August

Sarah Walker Gallery is delighted to host graduates from art colleges around the country.

This year’s summer show will be a selection of work by Rachel Doolin, Hazel Ramsay, Ryanse Elle and Andrew Whitelaw from CIT, Crawford College of Art & Design, Genevieve Howard, Eoin O'Reilly and Eimear Murphy from NCAD Dublin, Brendan Finnerty from LSAD, Limerick and Nicola Chestnutt from Waterford Institute of Technology. The exhibition titled ‘The Blue Thread’ refers both to colour and material throughout the show. The show will be made up of installation, photography, sculpture, ceramics and jewellery.

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Skibbereen Arts Festival- Pop up Gallery with Catherine Hammond Gallery

Friday July 24th- Sunday August 9th

Skibbereen Arts Festival- Pop Up with Catherine Hammond Gallery

Sarah Walker Gallery features work by recent graduates, Sandra Corrigan Breathnach, Andrew Whitelaw and Eimear Murphy and emerging artist Tempy Osborne as well as her own paintings.

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July - Christopher Banahan

July 2015

Featured Artist

Christopher Banahan

Banahan is known for his reflective portraits of childhood in which children’s faces are viewed, with a certain posed formality ,through patterned fabric screens, a device that bestows a distanced retrospective quality. Here he exhibits a series of paintings homage to Vermeer and Ingres as well as two small paintings of boys on timber.


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June-Jennifer Comerford

June 2015

Featured Artist

Jennifer Comerford

Jennifer Comerford born in Tipperary is a graduate student from GMIT.Her original printed paper cut into geometric shapes in monochrome colours are based on concepts of the personality and the working mind “a place of mass storage”. These are intricate yet logically laid out art works which bring into focus the functions of the brain, it's ability to store memories, thoughts and encounters. The mind being a place of mass storage always engaged and working. Comerford plays with the idea of seeing the personality as a whole through representations of the subconscious. In her work we are invited to go behind the scenes into the deeper hidden workings of the personality.


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September 2015

Currently on show a selection of Sarah Walker Paintings including some paintngs from The Boxing Diaries series and a selection of graduates work from the summer show, suspended installation by Rachel Doolin, photograph by Brendan Finnerty and the Marigold glove drawing installation by Hazel Ramsay. Upstairs a wide selection of ceramics and smaller pieces including award winnning graduate Andrew Whitelaw's ceramic sculptures. 

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Tempy Osborne & Finola Cooney May 2015


Featured Artists

Tempy Osborne & Finola Cooney

Currently on show are digitally photographed minature paintings of West Cork landscapes by Finola Cooney that capture feelings of the object's poetic ability. Finola shows how mundane objects (in this case man-made ditritus) which she found emerging in her studied landscapes, can take on interesting new realms when given attension and focus. Also being exhibited are some brilliently unique oil on patterned fabric paintings by Tempy Osborne.Tempy manages to create images which individually convey small ideas but that can collectively tell a larger story, these works have unique small aspects painted with a great amount attention to detail. There is a mixture of Arctic and Cork landscape inspired paintings on show in the gallery. Throughout Tempy’s work ideas of climate change, mass culture and fear of the unknown are continually prominent.

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Early September 2014

Currently exhibiting a selection of Sarah Walker paintings on canvas and paper along with Tempy Osborne miniature works on wood, Fiona Harrington's delicate lacework on paper and Cormac Boydell ceramic plates 

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Darragh Wilkins Art Installation 2014

Featured Artist

Darragh Wilkins

Darragh Wilkins, recent graduate from Crawford College of Art will create an installation which explores the relationships between material, process and mass produced commodities. As an artist Darragh described how he takes "an experimental approach to sculpture making, exploring the physical possibilities of material".

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Early August 2014

Selection of Sarah Walker paintings currently exhibiting also ceramic plates by Cormac Boydell, prints by Miroslava Pavelkova (Crawford) and interactive installation by Luke Fogarty (DIT).

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2014 Summer Show


 ‘Bubble Wrap’ 

July 12th to July 26th

This year's Summer Show will be a selection of work from graduates of the Crawford CIT, Dublin Institute of Technology, both Dublin and Sherkin Island courses represented, Limerick School of Art and Design, Galway Mayo Institute of Technology and the National College of Art and Design Dublin.


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Diary Launch and Signing 2013

"2014 Diary Launch and Signing"
Dates: Saturday October 26th 2013 in the gallery in Castletownbere, also on Saturday November 2nd 2013, 5 Grosvenor Terrace, Wellington Road, Cork, and on Saturday November 9th 2013, 17 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2. 

The 2014 Diary features the work of Sarah Walker and work from previous solo and group shows exhibited in the Sarah Walker Gallery.

Melania Lynch - Speak in Silence 2013

"Speak in Silence"
September 20th to October 4th 2013
Featured Artist
Melania Lynch

Melania Lynch's  solo show consists of an installation of sculptural pieces along with paintings and drawings.  Her work has been shown in the gallery previously in the three person show "Skylike and the Monkey Minds", see previous exhibitions.

Also showing in the Inner Gallery is a sound installation by Tess Leak; "Field Recordings of a Resurrection Machine"


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Jenny Richardson - Eat Your Porridge 2013

"Eat Your Porridge"
July 6th to 28th 2013
Featured Artist
Jenny Richardson

'Eat Your Porridge' is an exhibition of a series of recent paintings by Jenny Richardson, painted from memories of the time she spent in the Princess Margaret Rose Hospital in Edinburgh in the early 1950's.

Having contracted polio in Tripoli, Libya where her army doctor father was in charge of the British Military Hospital she was then brought to the PMRH in Edinburgh. At only 4yrs of age Jenny was shocked at her parent's desertion & was left immobilised in bed on a wooden board, to be exercised only in water, avoiding all load bearing activity whilst the staff worked to reactivate her wasted muscles. Here she would reside for the next 12 months. During this time Jenny was subsumed into the institutional world of the ward, whose great windows looked out on a grey Scottish cityscape, so far from the mimosa tree outside her bedroom window in Libya.

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Damian Magee and Sarah Walker 2013

Damian Magee

Damian Magee graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine and Applied Art – University of Ulster, Belfast (1998), and took Foundation Studies in Fine art And Design in Lurgan Technical College. "For some time" he explains, "I have been producing analytical paintings of the landscape found in and around Ireland, with a particular focus on the essential physical geography in the form of isolated islands, documented within expansive colour fields". "Utilising this documentary context, the ‘neutral' space becomes an arena in which to explore subjective relationships between physical geography and interconnected systems of identity. Social, religious, historical, political and psychological space has been aggregated onto the painted surface transforming the objective arena into a pregnant space where landscape and culture become inextricably connected".

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Graduate Summer Show 2013

"2013 Graduate Summer Show"
Dates: August 3rd to 25th 2013

The first thing you see when you enter this year’s summer show is a chaotic sculptural form rising towards the 20ft height ceiling of the main gallery. It also could be described as a giant paper Jack in the Beanstalk. This is the work of Caroline Keane, just graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design. The piece is made of handmade paper, Caroline is interested in the excess material objects consumed and discarded within our environment, she is curious about the amount of waste accumulated by an individual and she uses the left over materials of consumption in a creative way as an art material.


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Terry O'Neill's Touring Exhibition 2013

"Terry O'Neill's Touring Exhibition"
Dates:  May 5th - 26th, 2013

Terry O’Neill’s touring exhibition in Cork previously exhibited between two locations in the Wandesford Quay Gallery and Cork City Hall, curated by Marc O’Sullivan and Tina Darb O’Sullivan of Beara, Co Cork, hosted by Sarah Walker Gallery.

Terry O’Neill is an internationally renowned press photographer whose iconic images are now recognised as works of art.

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"Fish Cake" Graduate Summer Show 2012

"Fish Cake"
Dates: 1st to 15th of August 2012

Work by a selection of 2012 graduates and paintings by Sarah Walker.

Graduate artists: Anne Ahern ,Mary McGrath ,Dora Bracken ,Marie Dilworth ,Sinead O'Connell ,Jean Power, Tracy Fitzgerald


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