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Paper Show

From July 23rd to August 26th, Sarah Walker Gallery will have the pleasure of exhibiting artwork by various recent art graduates from CIT's Crawford College of Art and Design alongside work by Sarah Walker and Carol Healy.


Summer 2018

Until July 23rd, there will be a selection of paintings by Sarah Walker on view in the entrance exhibition area, along with paintings by Jenny Richardson, Melania Lynch, and Nadette Charlet on view in the adjoining exhibition space. There is also a collection of work by various artists in the upstairs mezzanine.


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On the mezzanine upstairs overlooking the main gallery there is a shop with a wide selection of ceramics and design, including Cormac Boydell's plates, the Connolly brothers locally made wood turned bowls and dishes, other ceramicists include Chloe Dowds,  Adele Stanley, Siobhan Steele vases, Melania Lynch ceramic sculptures. Also here are Jenny Richardson's 'critters'; hand painted pieces of driftwood in various animal and bird shapes.

There are also art books, poetry books, novels and John Eagle's light house book and the gallery annual desk diary, also a large selection of cards and posters of Sarah Walker paintings. Everything here is avaiable in the online gallery and can also be purchased online.

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title exhibitions-upcoming

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