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Earrings from Botswana

Made from recycled material From Botswana in aid of ...

Price: € 10.00

Elm Palette Platter

Connolly Bros 23 cm wide

Price: € 90.00


Cast optical glass and copper

Price: € 340.00

Gallery Diary 2018

Soft touch hardback appointment diary.

Price: € 18.00

Green Adit

Cast optical glass

Price: € 340.00

Hand Painted Ceramic

Hand painted ceramic piece

Price: € 48.00

Kenyan Bead Necklace

Choker white and pink

Price: € 30.00

Kenyan Bead Necklace

Choker Pink

Price: € 30.00

Kenyan Bead Necklace

Choker blue and white

Price: € 30.00

Laurabeth Ceramic Piece

Laurabeth Blue Dots Ceramic 7 cm

Price: € 60.00


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