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Sarah Walker Gallery is a contemporary art gallery situated along the pier, in the fishing port town of Castletownbere, Co Cork.

The white-wash stone building, renovated from a carriage house resides among both the shore and the sea on the far west end of the harbour. Ascending from the water the gallery is spacious and bright. A gratifying space to view the range of art exhibited.

Currently on view is a selection of paintings by Sarah Walker and a range of paintings, ceramics, photography and drawings by local artists.

The upstairs area on the mezzanine has become an extension of the gallery titled "Works" including smaller paintings, cards, posters and design pieces. Creations of the likes of the local wood-turning Connolly brothers, etchings by Danny Osbourne and ceramic vessels by Sinéad Fagan.

It also has a kids corner where children can draw and make their own work to display.

The gallery is also a venue for a range of cultural live events for both children and adults alike. Highly anticipated live music, theatre and literary events at The High Tide Club are hosted throughout the year in the gallerys eclectic space. 

The gallery is open every day 11am - 6pm June through mid-September and most weekdays mid-September through May.

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Gallery Photos

 The Gallery During Renovation

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