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In the summer of 2023 well renowned film director Clare Langan exhibited photography at Sarah Walker Gallery. This exhibition "Elizium" was curated by Nuala Fenton and Sarah Walker. Read about it here in the Irish Examiner article "Clare Langan at Castletownbere: 'There is great stillness in taking photographs'" by Marc O Sullivan Vallig.


"The images, piling into my mind for years, are a combination of memory, from conversations about the house with my mother and photographs" - Sarah Walker. Read about Walker's series of paintings "Walter Leonard Cole, 3 Mountjoy Square", in the article "What lies beneath: Arthur Griffith's bird's eye view of history" in the Irish Independant by Niall MacMonagle. Find the article here. Published 21st October 2021.


Read more about Sarah Walker's exhibition "Walter Leonard Cole, 3 Mountjoy Square" at Oliver Sears Gallery in November of 2021 in this article titled, "Artistic Licence: Sarah Walker"  by Penny McCormick in The Gloss Magazine.


Iin 2020 Sarah Walker was interviewed by "Sonnets and Dirty Dishes", read the interview here.


From Sarah Walker's exhibition "Tree Drawings on the Sky" in Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin, in May of 2018, this article by Penny McCormick was published in The Gloss Magazine.


Read about "Island - Oiléan" an exhibition in Sarah Walker Gallery in July of 2016, and a larger project, by Angie Shanahan, Jacqueline O'Driscoll and Eileen Singletown, here in an article titled "Art project inspired by our island goes on show in Beara gallery", published by The Southern Star on June 29th 2016.


Read more about Sarah Walker's exhibition "Tree Drawings on the Sky"  here in the visual artists Ireland newsheet The Van, where curator and artist Dr. Moran Been-noon reflects on Walker's series of woven tapestries. July 2nd 2018.


In 2015 Sarah Walker exhibited a series of work "The Boxing Diaries" at Oliver Sears Galery. Read more about it here in this article "Painter boxing clever in the wilds of Cork" in The Irish Times Magazine, published Saturday Feb 7th 2015.


Listen to an interview with Sarah Walker on RTÉ Radio 1 talking about her series of paintings,"The Boxing Dairies"  by following this link (copy and paste): http://podcast.rasset.ie/podcasts/audio/2015/0121/20150121_rteradio1-arena-sarahwalke_c20715598_20715649_232_.mp3 Wed January 21st  2015


Listen to "Painting the Fight with Sarah Walker" on the Culture File found here on Soundcloud.


Read the article "West Cork artist puts her boxing sons on the canvas" by Alan O'Riordan here. Published in The Irish Examiner on January 26th 2015.


 Read more about Sarah Walker here at Irish Art Now.


 Read more about Sarah Walker on The Oliver Sears Gallery website here.


In 2006 in the Autumn issue of The Irish Arts Review (Volume 23. No. 3), Ciarán Bennet wrote about Sarah Walker in an article titled "Sarah Walker: A Naturalist in Hyperborea". 

"Although Sarah Walker's painting can be appreciated in formalist terms alone, her painting exudes a strength derived from a unique sense of place..."  Read the full article here.


"Sarah Walker: New Paintings" published The Irish Times in 2001, by Mark Ewart. "Any artist who tackles the subject of landscape is faced with a dilemma in terms of how to process the extensive visual information..." Read the full article here.


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