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Ger Wolfe and Martin Leahy

Date & Time: Saturday 1st June. Doors open at 8pm

 Tickets €18 on the door 

Ger Wolfe is a Cork- based folk singer and songwriter who will perform at the High Tide Club on Saturday 1 st June alongside drummer Martin Leahy. Wolfe exhibits a unique finger-picking style of guitar, accompanied by lilting melodies, and his songs contain a hopeful beauty about the meaning of life.

He has toured extensively across the U.K. and Ireland.He has released 8 albums over the course of 20 years throughout his musical career, the latest being ‘Ger Wolfe & The New Skylark’s Melody Bright & the Favourite Sparrow.’ He is a multi-instrumentalist as well as a poet and songwriter, defying solid definition. Wolfe's work has long garnered praise. ''Rises high above the homogenised sound-wall that passes for pop radio lately''- Irish Times. Called ‘’the poetic soul of Ireland’’ by John Spillane, Christy Moore has also said that ‘’Ger Wolfe’s songs always lift my spirits.’’

works available online include...