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Violet Gibson, The Woman Who Shot Mussolinin

A play by Alice Barry

Date & Time: Friday July 5th at 8pm

Violet Gibson; The Woman Who Shot Mussolini
Written and performed by Alice Barry
Approx 1hr 10mins


The Honourable Violet Albina Gibson was born in Dublin in 1876. Her father Lord Ashbourne, was an Irish lawyer and politician. On 7 April 1926, at 49 years of age, she shot Mussolini at point-blank range but only managed to hit him in the nose. It was deemed that Gibson was insane at the time of the attack. She was later deported to Britain and spent the rest of her life in St. Andrews Hospital in Northampton, a mental asylum. She always protested her sanity.

This one-woman theatre piece is based on true accounts of Violet’s life.

“ … a visionary espousing a more dramatic, interesting and influential role for women in society...observational pearls too, strung together by a very particular and engaged performance of an interesting woman who has been rescued from some of the dustier pages of history.” - Liam Heylin, Evening Echo

Tickets available here. Doors open at 7pm.

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