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Pat Coldrick

Date & Time: Saturday 21st September. Doors open at 8pm

Tickets €15

We are very privileged to host Pat Coldrick Classical Guitarist once again after his recent sell out show at The National Concert Hall in Dublin. Pat is an Irish Classical Guitarist and Composer, who has been working for the last six years in Ireland but has also performed Recitals in Europe, the USA and Russia. Pat has been described as ‘pushing the boundaries of classical guitar’ with his musical interpretations and compositions and has made Classical Guitar exciting, interesting and more accessible to music lovers in general. Through his interpretation of music and by exploring and embracing new technologies he strives to enhance the dynamics of the classical guitar and bring his music to a wider audience both at home and abroad.

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The Whistling Girl

Date & Time: Saturday 7th September. Doors open at 8pm. Tickets €18

The acclaimed Irish duo of singer/actress Honor Heffernan ( Louis Stewart, Neil Jordan’s “Angel”), and composer/keyboard player Trevor Knight (Auto da Fé) present their Cabaret/Speakeasy-style show, “The Whistling Girl”, creating a spellbinding alternative musical extravaganza of song and spoken word based on the lyrics of American wit and feminist icon Dorothy Parker. The original and unique music composed by Trevor transforms the poems of Parker into songs, using her witty, droll and sometimes heart rending lyrics.

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The Vespertine Quintet & Adrian Crowley

Date & Time: Thursday 8th August at 8pm. Tickets €10 on the door

The Vespertine Quintet, known for their sparse, atmospheric music incorporating strings, piano and field recordings, are delighted to be collaborating with Adrian Crowley on a special performance for Beara Arts Festival 2019. The Vespertine Quintet began in 2014 as a way to get through a particularly dark West Cork winter, hosting house concerts and playing the lush, ethereal music of Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds and Estonian Arvo Pärt.

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Kieran Goss and Annie Kinsella

Date & Time: Friday 2nd August. Doors open at 8pm

Tickets €20

Kieran Goss and Annie Kinsella return to The High Tide Club with songs from their debut duo album ‘Oh, The Starlings'…... songs, stories and harmonies that transport the listener to another world, this is music from the heart, for the heart… A show to make you laugh and cry… A show to move you with its honest beauty… A show not to be missed.

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 Date & Time: Saturday 27th July. Doors open at 8pm

Tickets €15

Greenshine are a Cork-based family trio comprised of Noel Shine, Mary Greene, and their daughter Ellie Shine. Their music draws influences from contemporary, folk and roots, and is characterised by fast picking and close, warm harmonies.

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Nigel and Charlie Mooney

 Date & Time: Saturday 13th July. Doors open at 8pm

Tickets € 15

 On Saturday 13th July, we welcome father & son duo Nigel and Charlie Mooney back to the High Tide Club. Nigel is regarded as Ireland’s most accomplished jazz singer and guitarist. He is a self-taught musician and was influenced by blues from a young age. He has been a charismatic leading figure on the Dublin Jazz scene since the 1980s. His band, Gripewater Blues Band, pioneered the blues movement in Ireland. He possesses a rich tenor voice paired with melodic jazz guitar.

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Colin Deady

Date & Time: Saturday 29th June. Doors open at 8pm

Tickets € 15

Colin Deady is a singer and multi-instrumentalist, and no stranger to playing The High Tide Club. He plays the High Tide Club on Saturday 29 th of June. His debut album was released on 19 th March 2015. The album is a collection of 13 songs, all beautifully crafted examples of excellent songwriting.

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Poets Meet Politics 2019

Date & Time: Saturday 22nd June. Start time: 5pm. Free Admission

Poets Meets Politics is an International Open poetry competition sponsored by Hungry Hill Writing. Each year, entrants are invited to submit poetry relating to the theme of politics. The competition attracts entrants from all over the world. This year's judge is Christy Ducker, and monetary prizes are awarded.
For this event in the gallery readings will be given of the shortlisted poems, as well as an awards ceremony. This event is a part of a Poetry Weekend in Castletownbere and Ardgroom running from Friday 21st June to Sunday 23rd June. All are welcome at this poetry event! 

Paul Tiernan and Maurice Seezer

Date & Time: Saturday 15th June. Doors open at 8pm. 

Tickets € 15

Cork native Paul Tiernan plays the High Tide Club on Saturday 15 th June. Tiernan’s singer-songwriter style could be said to resemble the classic greats such as Neil Young and James Taylor, but with an individually Irish flavour.  Boasting a prolific career which includes 7 released albums, Tiernan appears playing with Maurice Seezer, fellow Irish musician.

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Ger Wolfe and Martin Leahy

Date & Time: Saturday 1st June. Doors open at 8pm

 Tickets €15

This June bank holiday weekend we’re delighted to see Ger Wolfe returning to Castletownbere to launch his new CD 'Melody Bright & The Favourite Sparrow'. Joining Ger on the night is drummer, bass player, producer and long time musical collaborator Martin Leahy. Martin brings his own unique musical style to perfectly accompany Ger’s songs; the two have gigged together since the late 1990’s. Expect a great night’s banter and music of the highest calibre.

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Cherry Smyth 'Famished' Performance

Date & Time: Wednesday May 29th. Performance at 7pm. Tickets €5 on the door


Cherry Smyth is an Irish poet, novelist, art critic and curator. Born in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, she now teaches poetry in the Creative Writing Department of Greenwich University. Her first poetry collection When the Lights Go Up was published by Lagan Press in 2001. In 2003, her anthology of women prisoners' writing, A Strong Voice in a Small Space, won the Raymond Williams Community Publishing award.

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The Kenmare Chamber Choir Recital

Date & Time: Sunday 19th May. Start time: 7:30 pm. Free Admission

 The Kenmare Chamber Choir are holding their annual springtime concert in Castletownbere in the Sarah Walker Gallery this May. This is the first time the recital has been held in the town. The evening will include instrumental music such as guitar, lute, and viola de gamba. There will also be readings as well as the choir's own performed pieces. Free admission on the door. All are welcome to come and enjoy the music!

Dr. Strangely Strange

Date & Time: Saturday 4th May. Doors open at 8pm.

Tickets € 15 

On their return from a mini tour in Dublin & London, Psychedelic folkies Dr. Strangely Strange will perform at The High Tide Club on Sat 4th May. This concert marks the 50th anniversary of their first album 'Kip Of The Serenes' which we will hear tracks from on the night. The band have also been working alongside Adrian Whittaker on a book about their glory years, 1967 - 1972, 'Fitting Pieces To The Jigsaw' which was published in mid March to outstanding praise & reviews.

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Sample Studios Short Film Night at the Gallery

Date and Time: Friday November 30th 8.30pm

Sample-Studios is a not-for-profit centre for contemporary arts in Cork City which provides affordable workspaces for professional artists. All of the film makers are present or past members.

Running time approximately 1 hour.

The Estuary (Carl Dixon and Colm Walsh)

In 2006 drift net and draft net fishing ended on the lower River Shannon, bringing centuries of tradition to an end. Fishermen and boat builders reflect on their life on the water, fishing as their fathers and grandfathers had fished before them.


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Date & Time: Friday 7th September, Doors open at 8pm. Tickets € 16

Paula Bilá is a singer-songwriter originally from Spain but based in West Cork for the last four years. Paula's sound is influenced by blues, folk and rock and her compositions have been noted as highly original, with a strong melodic sensibility. Her sound combined with her wide vocal range and powerful delivery is attracting attention from worldwide audiences. "The heart turning voice of Paula Gomez soars like a young Joan Baez" – Kathy Sheridan, The Irish Times

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Date & Time: Saturday 1st September, Doors open at 8pm. Tickets € 16

"The very embodiment of the folk singer, Luka Bloom has that deep sense of social justice with an uncanny ability to distil contemporary life into the pithiest and most alluring combinations of lyrics and melody lines. Last year’s album, Refuge, put a finger on the fractured nature of so much of what’s happening in our world today, from homelessness to war to climate change.

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Date & Time: Friday 24th August, Doors open at 8pm. Tickets € 13

Lyrically driven, the songs of Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters blend the band’s old-school country roots attitude with their shared influences of rock and folk.

“In between the country-pop music of today and the gritty sound of yesterday you find The Honeycutters with a country-Americana sound that catches the ears of both the young and old. Musically, they make a traditional, honky-tonk-flavored sound bursting with driving rhythmic ambition, enchanting melodies and deeply poetic lyrics.” – Alan Cackett



Date & Time: Friday 17th August, Doors open at 8pm. Tickets € 16

Caoimhín makes music on a 10-string fiddle called the hardanger d'amore, and travels the world as a solo musician, in duos with Dan Trueman, Mick O'Brien and Brendan Begley, and as a member of The Gloaming and This is How we Fly.

He has performed on some of the most beautiful stages in the world, including the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Albert Hall and the Lincoln Center. Although, he admits: "some of my favourite performances have been much more intimate and ephemeral events, special one-off things invented by friends."

He has made twelve recordings to date, ranging from quite traditional to fairly out there, and continues to explore the region where traditional music begins to disintegrate.


Beara Arts Festival - An Evening of Electronic Music

Date & Time: Sunday 5th August at 9pm, Free Admission

Come join the festivities as we celebrate the wealth of local literary, musical and artistic talent on the Beara peninsula. The program this year will feature a wide variety of talks, readings, workshops, performances, and exhibitions.

Sarah Walker Gallery will host electronic musicians Bill Karnation, Ian Geraghty, and Douglas Henderson for a night you won't want to miss! 

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Date & Time: Saturday 14th July, Doors open at 8pm. Tickets € 16

THE 4 OF US are one of the biggest bands to ever come out of Northern Ireland, and hail from Newry, Co. Down. They were voted one of the Top10 Best Irish Bands Of All Time, along with the likes of U2 and Thin Lizzy, in a recent TV3 series. This multi-award-winning band have seven lauded albums under their belt and a back catalogue of memorable songs that have featured on American, British and Irish TV and film soundtracks. To this day, their smash hit Mary, remains one of the most played tracks on Irish radio. Founding members and brothers, Brendan and Declan Murphy have been captivating audiences with their superb acoustic performances.

"Intricate arrangements, skilful lyric writing, and as we have come to expect from The 4 Of Us, the songs are imbued with considerable melodic flair. Excellent." – Colm O’Hare, Hot Press

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Pat Coldrick

Date & Time: Saturday 30th June, Doors open at 8pm. Tickets € 16

“His recital was as refreshing an evenings music as I had in months, he brings freshness and immediacy to what he plays”
— The Irish Times.

 Pat Coldrick's session work and classical appearances have earned him a reputation of being one of the finest and most versatile guitarists in Ireland. His music defies genre and appeals to a wide cross section of music lovers. Once Pat begins to play people are immediately captivated by his dedication, passion and skill. His interpretation and delivery of each piece combined with his superb artistry as a performer results in his unique ability to make his audience laugh and equally move them to tears.

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Date & Time: Saturday 16th June, Doors open at 8pm. Tickets € 16

GREENSHINE is a family trio comprising Noel Shine, Mary Greene and their daughter Ellie. Their material straddles the boundaries of contemporary, folk and roots and includes many self-penned songs. Their fast picking and close harmonies are a treat to the ear.

“This is a gorgeous album ~ the Sound of a Family immersed in music, tight in harmony, in love with song. Shine on Greenshine.” – Christy Moore. Noel is a multi-instrumentalist, turning his hand to guitar, bass, mandolin, bouzouki and traditional whistle and this musical dexterity had seen him much in demand as a session and band player by artists as diverse as The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem and funk and soul legends The Republic of Loose amongst many others.

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Paul Tiernan & Maurice Seezer

Date & Time: Sat May 19th Doors open 8pm

Review by Bobby Green: ''Do you want to know a secret? One of Irelands biggest secrets has just landed on my desk for a review. The golden voice of the Cork native Paul Tiernan is just about to release his 7th album and is touring around Ireland to promote it.

When the album arrived, I thought I’d stick it on, continue with what I was doing and write up a review at the weekend when I have a bit more time. But 4 plays later and work is put on hold until the weekend so I can enjoy this glorious spring weather while drifting away to places only the classics could bring me before. Paul Tiernan’s direction on this album is away from the lovelorn and into the vaudeville resulting in a transformation Kevin McCloud would be proud of.''

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Liam O'Maonlaoí

Date and Time: Friday May 4th Doors open 8pm

Liam Ó Maonlaí is one of the most talented, charismatic and soulful performers of Irish traditional music today. But his musical prowess goes beyond his own cultural roots as he blends an eclectic mix of folk, blues, gospel, soul, rock, and more with his amazing vocals and an array of instrumental mastery from piano to flute, harmonica to bodhran.

Since first bursting onto the scene in the 1980's with his band Hothouse Flowers, Liam has captured the attention of audiences, critics and musicians alike. According to "Rolling Stone Magazine" Bono noted the ensemble were the "best unsigned band on the planet." It is no wonder that Liam remains a "musician's musician" and no surprise he has performed alongside the best of them. As a solo performer as well as frontman of Hothouse Flowers, Liam continues to wow audiences worldwide reinventing himself with each performance.


Kevin McAleer

Date and Time: Saturday 21st April. Tickets €16. Performance 8pm


Ireland's biggest Lama Kevin McAleer continues his series of worldwide apparitions in 2018, with mindfulness, bananarama yoga, avocado dream therapy, vegan dentistry, moon walking with wolves, coffee visualization, and ego massage. McAleer achieved full spiritual enlightenment after meditating for forty years under the legendary Deepjoy Chakra in Palookaville. His Mindless Nationalism Institute™, founded in Belfast in 1972, has gone viral in the 21st century. Guru McAleer will be signing copies of his very latest awareness bestseller, The Idiot's Guide to Self Love, which has been translated into more than 94,000 languages worldwide and beyond.

An evening of divine light entertainment not to be missed. Doors open at 8pm. The show will start at 8:30pm sharp. Tickets €16 and all the proceeds from the door and raffle will be divided equally between St. Josephs Hospital & Focus Ireland, two very worthy charities.


'The Lowest Pair' Friday 30th March

Date and Time Friday 30th March 8pm Adm €12

Kendl Winter, born in Arkansas, formed 'The Lowest Pair' in 2013 with Palmer T. Lee which was the start of their incredible musical  journey together. 

 Since then, the duo have toured extensively.  Kendl Winter brings to The Lowest Pair her wonderfully weaving poetry of song, old and new with her beautiful atmospheric vocals.

Palmer T. Lee hails from Minneapolis and was nineteen years old when he inherited a couple of banjos and  discovered he could reassemble them into his dream instrument.

 Palmer’s  songs are distilled into the warm sweet sounds of his percussive  wordplay and the melodic interludes of his own unique style played on a pieced together banjo. 

Respected writer Mike Morrison described them as “a huge breath of fresh air” at the American Roots UK website while the  hugely-influential Lonesome Highway (Ireland) called them a
“musical  marriage made in heaven”.  Their talent, creative impulses and charm has  resulted in a uniquely original sound that is 'The Lowest Pair'.


The Slocan Ramblers

Date: Saturday 28th of October. Doors open 8pm. Adm €15

The Slocan Ramblers are Canada’s young bluegrass band to watch. Rooted in the tradition, fearlessly creative, and possessing a bold, dynamic sound, The Slocans (2015 Edmonton Folk Fest Emerging Artist Award recipients), have quickly become a leading light of Canada’s roots music scene, built on their reputation for energetic live shows, impeccable musicianship and their uncanny ability to convert anyone within earshot into a lifelong fan.


Jim and Sam

Date: Saturday September 23rd, doors 8pm. Tickets €15.

Beginning in November 2016 Jim and Sam the Los Angeles based duo embarked on their biggest project to date "The Anywhere Everyday Tour". Over the past year they have performed live everday - "Yes, every day. Yes, for a year. Yes, no days off!".

This has not been an average tour. Jim and Sam have played everything from traditional music venues to comedy shows, nonprofits, TV shows, private parties, schools, Alamos, factories, under the stars, across the blue ocean and anywhere in between. "Their live performances are an enthralling and captivating experience, driven by their catchy folk tunes and beautiful vocal harmonies." - Cambridge Audio 

In 2015, Jim and Sam released their EP, "This Is What's Left." Recorded in Denmark, the EP was featured on Spotify's Pulse of Americana Playlist receiving close to half a million spins and has been heard on BBC, KCRW, KCSN, WXPN and KGSR. 

Clip from their single "Where Are You Now" filmed during The Anywhere Everyday Tour in Iceland.

Terry Woods & Pete Cummins

Date: Friday September 15th, doors 8pm. Tickets €15

Two legendary figures from the Irish music scene join forces in a new venture.

Terry Woods is an Irish folk musician, noted for playing the mandolin and cittern, but also plays acoustic and electric guitar, mandola, five-string banjo and concertina. He is also a singer and songwriter.
In 1986 Terry was recruited by The Pogues and had a hugely successful international career with them, recording five albums together.

Pete Cummins is a singer/songwriter  who started out in beat groups playing rock music. In 1971  Pete teamed with folk singer Donovan, later on he played with Freddie White in The Fake, in 1985 he formed the Fleadh Cowboys with Johnny Moynihan and Frankie Lane. They produced two albums High Ace to Heaven and Time of your Life,

The band toured with The Pogues, and supported Bob Dylan, U2, and Emmylou Harris. Pete has played with The Chieftains, Nanci Griffith, and recorded with Townes Van Zandt.

The Driftwood Manor

Date: Sat 26th of August. Doors open at 8pm. Adm €12

Formed in 2007, The Driftwood Manor have crafted their own brand of warm and earthy music which weaves strands of apocalyptic appalachia, psychedelic folk and Irish trad into a rich sonic tapestry.

A project of the singer-songwriter Eddie Keenan, The Driftwood Manor "have established a reputation for creating some of the most exciting and innovative music on the contemporary Irish folk scene" - Rock'n'Reel Magazine May 2017 on their newest album 'For The Moon'.

The band is led by Eddie Keenan on vocals, Neil Fitzgibbon on fiddle, Fergie Milton, Lee Roche and Ruby McEntegart.


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