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High Tide Club presents O'Sahara Luka Bloom & Friends

 O'Sahara at High Tide Club Thursday 9th April 9pm €15

Luka Bloom was born Kevin Barry Moore on 23.05.1955. He was christened after an Irishman who was hanged at 18 by the British in Mountjoy Jail. This made for a nervous 18th Birthday. Then they decided to never call him Kevin; so the only place ‘Kevin’ exists is on passports etc….Then in 1987, Barry decided to create Luka bloom, an anonymous identity for the songs he writes and sings. Since the last century Luka has played a fair bit in exotic places like Sydney, Hamburg, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Ennistimon. He has also recorded 20 albums; each of which is highly regarded by his family and friends.

Luka decided to move to North Clare some time ago. He thinks it might be two years ago, but time is a very loose arrangement in this part of the world. He also imagined he would use North Clare as a base to explore the West of Ireland, but the nature of the bubble is such that he rarely ventures beyond Ballyvaughan to the North, or White Strand to the South. Ennis, Galway, Limerick now seem like distant galaxies.

The inspiration for music making in North Clare is considerable, and the musicians are amazing. So Luka finds himself writing songs and singing with Jon O’Connell and Quentin Cooper now.

They call themselves O’Sahara

In a recent interview with The North Clare Post, Luka talked about O’Sahara:

What is the music of O’Sahara?

‘Well, it is loosely based on traditional limestone desert blues, but we have our own take on it’.

For bookings and more information please ring 086 1930552 or 027 70387

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