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Date: Sat 20th June Tickets €12

"This is a gorgeous album, the Sound of a Family immersed in music, tight in harmony, in love with song. Shine on Greenshine.” Christy Moore. Noel Shine and Mary Greene are no strangers to recording having already released three critically acclaimed folk albums to date and they have appeared on many other artists’ cds including The Republic of Loose, Christy Moore, John Spillane and Frances Black.

Greenshine not only sees the launch of a new cd but also a new band name to incorporate their daughter, Ellie Shine. Just recently turned 17, Ellie is a seasoned professional, performing with Noel and Mary since the age of 14. Her cv includes appearing with Greenshine at a concert for President Michael D. at the Abbey Theatre and the the group has shared a stage on a number of occasions with Christy Moore. 

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