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August 1st- Film Night

Talking to my Father

August 1st 2015- 8.30 pm

Se Merry Doyle, 2015, 90 mins.

The Film documentary 'Talking to my Father' by Se Merry Doyle and Simon Walker about the work of Robin Walker architect will  be screeening on August 1st, the film will be on view on the gallery during two weeks on a smaller screen.

"Wonderful, poignant, philosophical- incredible writing, candour and humility, that film will stay with me for a while". Oda O'Carroll, travel writer

 Extract Talking to my Father


Carl Dixon, 2015, 5.36 mins.

  A short film about Glenda Powell, a world champion fly casting instructor in   Ireland. It evokes her love of rivers and she recalls the people who sparked her   lifelong fascination with fly fishing. A slow-moving film which was recorded along   the Blackwater River.

  Both films linked by a son and a daughter's appreciation of their father's skill, in   each film the participants reminisce on the roles their fathers played in their lives and on the paths they chose to follow.moving film which was recorded along the Blackwater River.






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