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Paula K O'Brien & Colin Deady

Date: Sat May 28th 8pm Admission €12

Paula Kingston O'Brien is an Irish singer songwriter who mixes a natural flair for simple, evocative writing with a voice which dips and dives between a soulful sound and a modern country lilt. Singer Songwriter & multi instrumentalist Colin Deady released his Debut Album on 19th March 2015. The album is a collection of 13 songs, an emotional & nostalgic album that defies an easy pigeonhole. Showcasing his ability as a songwriter with beautifully crafted ballads like “Chapel Street” to soulful & bluesy songs like “Things I love The Most” all blending skillfully into a seamless flow ‘The songs are all about the vocals & lyrics’ says Colin and this is where he hopes the record shines, featuring four part harmonies in many of the songs.

‘I love the human warmth that vocal harmonies can bring to a song, that sense of togetherness, there’s nothing like it’  Lyrically the songs address themes relevant to the human condition…love, hope, mortality, time & human resilience. Colin says ‘there comes a time when we’ve all got to make our way across thewild river. Whether you’re lucky enough to saddle a horse or just wade in the deep doesn’t matter. All that counts in the end is that you get across relatively unscathed’.

Album Notes

Paula K O'Brien, aka Paula K, is a singer songwriter from West Cork, Ireland and has been writing songs ever since she was an angst ridden teen. Over time, and with the addition of children, marriage and a nursing carer, she quietened down and began to focus on the beauty of a story well told.

The seeds of an album took root and with time, became "Evangeline". Named after an old poem by William Longfellow, "Evangeline" tells the story of a woman following her heart, which is what this album represents to Paula (the title track on the album tells the story of the poem).

Supported by some of west Cork's finest musicians, Paula's voice soars through her songs with a definite country edge, telling stories of monsters under beds, a devil with a heart of gold, beauty, love and loss. The only cover in the album is a song written by Nick Harper called "The Kilty Stone ", and which is very close to her heart. The album also includes a special remix of The Bere Island Song.

Praise for Evangeline.

 A Quiet Gem   5 STARS    (reviewed by customer on CD Baby)

This album is a quiet alt-country, folky gem.

This lady is possessed of haunting, lilting voice that at times brings to mind the likes of Rennie Sparks, though when required she can stomp with the likes of Imelda May.

The songs in general have a narrative structure and pictures are painted by the lyrics to match any of the great musical storytellers you care to mention.

But what makes this album special and separates it from the pack, is that she is no wide-eyed x-factor product mewling songs drafted by committee and arranged by market testing groups. There are no hackneyed paeans to boyfriends stolen at school discos here, no “la la las” no “I love you baby” refrains.

These songs are the considered and mature songs of a woman who has seen a bit of life. A woman confident enough in her own craft to avoid the bombast and to know there is a strength in gentleness and power in understatement.

This is an album that richly rewards repeated listens.

A quiet gem.


Words of praise for Colin Deady:- 

Hotpress - "Wonderful sun kissed feel by an accomplished songwriter" (March 2015)
John Creedon - RTE Radio 1 "A real talent"
John Spillane - “Colin has a lovely touch on the guitar and is already a very accomplished professional musician. I wish this very talented young man every success in the future”
Album of the week: Roddie Cleere, KCLR 96 FM (March 2015)
Album of the week: Charlie McGettigan, Shannonside Radio (March 2015)

While subtle influences from Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Steely Dan and Paul Brady can be heard, this collection of emotional, nostalgic songs defies an easy pigeonhole. Colin skillfully blends energetic raw tracks like Watchdog or first single Life Goes On with beautifully crafted soulful songs like Chapel Street and Things I Love The Most
“The songs are all about the vocals & lyrics, this is where the record shines,
featuring four part harmonies in many of the songs.
I love the human warmth that vocal harmonies can bring to a song,
that sense of togetherness, there’s nothing like it”
Colin has been receiving local & national radio play along with RTÉ Radio 1. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/colindeadymusic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/colindeadymusic
Web: www.colindeady.com


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