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Doctor Strangely Strange

Date: Wednesday September 14th 8pm Admission: €15

Doctor Strangely Strange was formed in Dublin in 1967 by Tim Booth (vocals and guitarist) and Ivan Pawle (vocals, bass and keyboardist). They then teamed up with Tim Goulding (multi-instrumentalist and aspiring painter) and began rehearsing and living in a house owned by Gouldings then girlfriend and backing vocalist Orphan Annie (a.k.a. Annie Xmas). The tenants nicknamed the house 'The Orphanage'. The group's sound was experimental irish folk music and was closely affiliated with the Incredible String Band.

Doctor Strangely Strange signed with the Incredible String Band's producer Joe Boyd and debuted in 1969 with Kip of the Serenes. They went on tour with Fotheringay and enlisted a drummer, Neil Hopwood and later that year they were featured on the String Bands LP, Changing Horses.

After Heavy Petting in 1970, Doctor Strangley Strange began to fall apart. Goulding left to enter a Buddhist monastery, while Pawle and Booth teamed up with Gey and Terry Woods for a brief tour. The group soon disbanded, however in 1973 the group reunited for an irish tour and briefly got together again in the early 1980's. Eventually Booth established a second Orphanage which became a springboard for a new generation of irish rock, which helped to launch the careers of Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott, Gary Moore and others. 

This will be the bands second time to perform at the High Tide Club and this year they will be fresh off the stage at Electric Picnic so this is sure to be a great night and one not to be missed. Tickets are available here or by tel/text 0861930552 or 02770387

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