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Ger Wolfe

Date: Saturday September 24th, Doors open 8pm Admission: €15

 Over the last twenty years Ger Wolfe has released seven CD's of original material. He is well known for songs such as The Curra Road, The Lark of Mayfield and She Scattered Crumbs, and his lastest album is entitled 'I Have Been Loved'.

Heedless of fad or fashion, Ger is reflective and independent in mind and nature and his musical talent sees him plough through the Irish musical landsacpe. A wonderful poet and composer, a multi-instrumentalist and lover of the human voice, he is true to the art of the songwriter and tells his own story in his own unique voice.

 Praise for Ger Wolfe
Rises high above the homogenised sound-wall that passes for pop radio lately - The Irish Times
A rare and unique creative talent - Paul Dromey, Irish Examiner
A courageous musical visionary - Dublinks.com
Ger Wolfe's songs always raise my spirits, his voice always, always brings me into the song - Christy Moore


For more information on Ger or to hear him perform click here


Don't miss the chance to hear Ger Wolfe live at The High Tide Club on Saturday September 24th, it will be a wonderful night and in Ger's words, "...booking is advised and gladness is guaranteed." To book tickets online click here or tel/text 0861930552 or 02770387.

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