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The Senile Delinquents at The High Tide Club

Date & Time: 18th July

8pm Admission: €10

The Senile Delinquents are a Somerset based expandable bluegrass duo.  Mikki Barry on banjo and vocals and Kara Richardson on guitar and vocals. We deliver a tender blend of bluegrass folk and country.

Since the release of Mikki's debut album The Banjo The Bucket and The Gun, in May 2012, they have been playing non-stop at open mics and folk clubs such as The Bradninch Folk Club, The Village Pump in Trowbridge, The Hatch at Hatch Beauchamp and gigging at festivals, bars and barnyards in Devon and Somerset, including apearances at Sunrise Festival, Lakefest, Bradninch Music Festival, The Eldon House in Bristol and The White Post Inn at Rimpton, and a live radio session fro Frome FM.

Since recording The Banjo The Bucket and The Gun, they have been on incorperating the songs ( all originals) from Kara's forthcoming Album A Short Study On the Nature of Love and Drink, into the set.


The Senile Delinquents are essentially Mikki Barry on Banjo, guitar, vocals and Kara Richardson on guitar and vocals.

They have been working as a band since Christmas 2011, although they first played together 25 years ago when they both lived in horsedrawn caravans, busked together and played round campfires. After several months they took different roads, Mikki heading down to the West Country ...where she has played with a bunch of great folk and bluegrass bands including 100th Monkey (folk) and Medicine (folkrock).

Meanwhile Kara sold her horse (to Mikki) and headed first to Ireland where she formed The Bold Marys and then to France and Spain.  She has since played in the following bands: The Easy (French Jazz), The Joseph Schnider Set (Croon/Country/Punk), The Soup Queens ( A cappella soul), Rrradio Gee (Costa del sols leading Trad Irish Wedding Band).  She then set up an independent record label Rrrip Records with Jimmy Bergin of the 7Kevins.

Although neither Mikki nor Kara ever stopped playing music the priority for some 20 odd years was on bringing up children. By last Christmas the kids, being big and having "lives of thier own" the ladies decided that that was an excellent idea and headed down to Morocco where they set about recording Mikki's first solo Album The Banjo The Bucket and The Gun, which was released by RRrip Records on May 5th 2012.

They are now gigging round Britain while working on Kara's 3rd solo Album A Short Study on the Nature of Love and Drink.


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