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Beara Arts Festival - An Evening of Electronic Music

Date & Time: Sunday 5th August at 9pm, Free Admission

Come join the festivities as we celebrate the wealth of local literary, musical and artistic talent on the Beara peninsula. The program this year will feature a wide variety of talks, readings, workshops, performances, and exhibitions.

Sarah Walker Gallery will host electronic musicians Bill Karnation, Ian Geraghty, and Douglas Henderson for a night you won't want to miss! 

Bill Karnation: 

“Meat eating percussion and gluten free melodies combine with spoken word samples to create Bill’s audio landscape. Here be monsters.”

Debut ep: https://unbendlegout.bandcamp.com/album/asinine-rats-opus

Ian Geraghty: 

“Combining a variety of timbral and compositional techniques that are processed in a live setting. Ian’s musical language is a sonic soup of sound scrapings and improvised head-scratching electronic bleepery. This semi-aleatoric process renders work of functional and emotive self-sufficiency.”


Douglas Henderson:

Step into dougfender's post-global sound kitchen - eastern spices and western vices for the discerning aural traveller and sonic nomad.



Read more about the Beara Arts Festival at http://bearaartsfestival.com

 Article image is the album cover of Bill Karnation's Asinine Rats Opus


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