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Sample Studios Short Film Night at the Gallery

Date and Time: Friday November 30th 8.30pm

Sample-Studios is a not-for-profit centre for contemporary arts in Cork City which provides affordable workspaces for professional artists. All of the film makers are present or past members.

Running time approximately 1 hour.

The Estuary (Carl Dixon and Colm Walsh)

In 2006 drift net and draft net fishing ended on the lower River Shannon, bringing centuries of tradition to an end. Fishermen and boat builders reflect on their life on the water, fishing as their fathers and grandfathers had fished before them.


 The Slow Reveal (Colm Walsh and Peadar Lamb)

Stained glass artist Peader Lamb was commissioned to create a permanent stained-glass window for Carlow County Museum as part of the 1916 commemoration. This film records the process from the first drawing until completion, providing an intimate portrait of the creative process.


The Rabach's Glen (Carl Dixon)

A fictional account of the life and death of the Rabach who lived in Beara in the 1800s; his murder, exile, madness, redemption and death. Filmed in the Beara Peninsula.


"I'm Sorry I was Not Here.." (Eanna Heavey)

Explores the distorted development of self through false education, institutional structures and the ideologies of Western culture.


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