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De Ziah & Date

Date & Time: Saturday April 13th 8pm

De Ziah & Date take a Cello and Guitar on a new journey!

De Ziah and Date deliver a spellbinding musical performance with Ilse de Ziah, cello and Ian Date, guitar. Beautiful renderings of melodies interwoven with captivating improvisations. The duo have an original take on musical styles from around the world creating a deeply emotional journey for the listener. Moments of great musical beauty and a deep love of music and its traditions makes seeing and hearing them live a moving and transformative experience. They will include music from their new debut album Here & There

This is the show you want to catch! 


The debut album Here & There is a masterpiece of classy compositions, good feels and improvisations that are truly virtuosic. Composed and recorded in Ireland and Australia during 2023, they unite their influences of world music, surf music, jazz, trad, improvisation, classical, rock and contemporary to create a fresh new instrumental genre for the ear-weary. With successful individual careers, De Ziah & Date have won awards for music and film, including Best Documentary for the Irish music film Living the Tradition which they often show as part of their live performances. They have recorded solo and band albums previously but this new project marks an exciting departure for a captivating musical journey of melody-drenched instrumental songs. Stories of sea and sand, solace in darkness, ambush, and the winding ways life takes.


“Beautiful & exciting new sounds!” - Robin Nolan gypsy jazz guitarist

“Beautifully recorded, virtuosically played, wonderfully diverse and so emotionally engaging…what’s not to love? And yet it’s none of these things that are the compelling reason that I listened with such relish - it’s that this offering is so fresh, it lives up to the claim (and then some) that this is for the ear-weary. A pure delight! ” - James Morrison, musician, multi-instrumentalist, educator

“a gem glistening with grace and sparkle” - Liam Murphy, Munster Express



Tickets are €27 available online here or €25 at the door. Doors open at 7.30


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