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Music and Art Installation by Pauolo Lopez, Declan Cleary, Anna Caricondo, Melania Lynch and Pintor Z

"... With the invention of machines, Noise was born. Today, Noise triumphs and dominates sovereign over the sensibility of men .... "The Art of Noises. Futurist Manifesto, 1913. This work is about sound made ​​from improvisation, mixing, blending and testing aspects of sound experimentation, noise, electronic music, ambient, etc.. The performance uses different media and sounds, different software for music creation for computers, circuit bending on electronics like walkeytalkeys and percussion- acoustic instruments (bells).

It is a “casual gathering” of interpreters (who come from different professional environments and have different nationalities), anything might happen at the time we sit down to play, looking to achieve a chaotic-harmony close to landscape, in  “acoustic–retinal” and " musical ostinato ".

 Pintor z : 44 years old. Chilean contemporary artist. he works in sound, painting, art-video and installations. He exhibits all over the world and he has been teaching painting in ARCIS university in Santiago - Chile for 10 years.

 Declan Cleary: 44 years old. Irish from Wexford living in Glenngarrif. He is studying Music technology - Institute of technology Tralee. At the moment he is doing work experience at Carnegie Arts Centre in Kenmare

 Paulo López: 40 years old. Argentinian. He has been working with bands for more than 20 years doing live sound. At the moment he is experimenting creatively with music computer programs, he has also worked as the AV-IT manager at Dzogchen Beara for many years.

 Anna Carricondo: 32 years. From Barcelona- Spain. She is a psychologist,this is her first experience taking part in this kind of performance. She also works at Dzogchen Beara.

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