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Ethiopian Coffee and Craft Evening - Fundraiser

Sunday August 7th  4-10 pm- Ethiopian Coffee and Craft Fundraising Evening - Free Entrnace

Greetings of love and light,
Inviting all to an Ethiopian coffee evening in support of development works in Ethiopia. We will be serving Ethiopian Coffee, spiced tea, and munchies. A small shop will be open, selling handmade Ethiopian, Kenyan and Ugandan products, including  jewelry, clothes, soft-furnishings, bags, baskets, scarves, Ethiopian coffee, nuts and spices. 

 All proceeds go to NGOs in Ethiopia, dealing with education (Bright Future School, Addis and Hawassa), HIV affected children (Yawenta Project, Shashemene), children and families living on the street (Let Us Change, Hawassa), and looking after our Rastafarian elders in Shashemene (Ancients of Days).

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Date: Saturday 30th July 9pm Admission: €12


Ana Gog are a five-piece band based in Dublin, Ireland. Their sound is an eclectic mix of folk, post/prog rock and electronica with contemporary influences. To date the band have had two official releases, the album 'Making Trails' in 2013 and the EP 'Resemblance' which was released in 2014. After touring in India and Europe and after a period of writing and rehearsing the band returned to the studio in August 2015 to work on their upcoming album, due to be released this year!

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Randal "Big Daddy" Webster and Patrick Horgan

Date: Wednesday 29th June 8pm Admission: €12

Randall "Big Daddy" Webster (USA) & Patrick Horgan (Cork) bring their "Tangled Roots Tour" to Ireland this June and we are privileged to be hosting them at The High Tide Club. They’ve performed together and thrilled audiences numerous times over the years. They share an interest in Blues and Roots music seeing their music as a living, breathing animal that can’t be tamed as it grows and matures. With their “Tangled Roots Tour” they bring together the very best of their original tunes, plus some golden nuggets filtered through their own life experiences.

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Paula K O'Brien & Colin Deady

Date: Sat May 28th 8pm Admission €12

Paula Kingston O'Brien is an Irish singer songwriter who mixes a natural flair for simple, evocative writing with a voice which dips and dives between a soulful sound and a modern country lilt. Singer Songwriter & multi instrumentalist Colin Deady released his Debut Album on 19th March 2015. The album is a collection of 13 songs, an emotional & nostalgic album that defies an easy pigeonhole. Showcasing his ability as a songwriter with beautifully crafted ballads like “Chapel Street” to soulful & bluesy songs like “Things I love The Most” all blending skillfully into a seamless flow ‘The songs are all about the vocals & lyrics’ says Colin and this is where he hopes the record shines, featuring four part harmonies in many of the songs.

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Nigel & Charlie Mooney

Date: Friday May 6th 8pm Admission €12

Nigel Mooney is no stranger to The High Tide Club and played for us in Sept 2014.  The audience were so appreciative of Nigels extraordinary guitar playing & sumptous voice that he was given two standing ovations.  He left the audience wanting more so we promised to bring him back and we are so proud to be hosting him once again.  Nigel is widely regarded as Ireland's leading jazz singer and guitarist.

A charismatic figure on the Dublin jazz and blues scenes since the early 1980's, his Gripewater Blues Band spearheaded the blues movement in Ireland and drew many fans of both jazz and the blues.

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Pat Coldrick

Date: Sat 26th March 8pm

Pat Coldrick's session work and classical appearances have earned him a reputation of being one of the finest and most versatile guitarists in Ireland. As well as his touring performances, he has appeared on National Radio and T.V. and has studied with world renowned guitarists David Russell and Gabriel Esterellas. Pat has achieved worldwide acclaim for his unique sensitive and expressive style in his playing.

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Woody Pines

Date: Sunday March 13th 8pm Admission €12



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Mick Flannery

Date: Friday December 18th 8.30 pm €15 Admission

“Mick Flannery is a singing and songwriting force to be reckoned with.” Siobhán Long, Irish Times. Mick Flannery was brought up on a farm outside Blarney, Co. Cork, Ireland. His first real connection to music was watching an unplugged Nirvana covering Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold the World”. After a stint in a music college in Cork, he travelled to the U.S. where he “wandered around for a time.” While there, he entered the U.S. Songwriting Competition in Nashville, Tennessee and, to his surprise, won two top awards for his compositions.

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August 1st - Film Night

1st August 2015- 8.30 PM


 Talking to my Father 

Sé Merry Doyle, 2015, 90 mins

The film documentary "Talking to my Father"  by Sé Merry Doyle and Simon Walker about the work of Robin Walker architect will be screened on August 1st, the film will be on view in the gallery for the following two weeks on a smaller screen.

"Wonderful, poignant, philosophical- incredible writing, candour and humility, that film will stay with me for a while". Oda O'Carroll, travel writer

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Betty & The Boy

Betty & The Boy

 Date: Sat Sept 19th €15

Betty and the Boy originally started as a modest duo with a solid belief in performing original music compositions. Meeting in a small town in Montana and...

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Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys

Date: Sat Aug 8th €15

With roots in the Great Lakes State of Michigan, Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys have been non-stop traversing the country with instruments in tow since the release of their 2012 record, Release Your Shrouds. The album showcased the band's meshing of Appalachian tradition with a rootsy Michigan vigor. But wherever placed in the genre continuum of the times, it's their sincerity and passion for following the music that propels them.

For a preview of what is to come listen out for Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys on the Ryan Tubridy show (formerly John Murray show) on Tuesday 4th August between 9 & 10am on RTÉ Radio One.  Their performance at The High Tide Club is one of only six gigs throughout Ireland so we are very privileged to have the opportunity to host them in Castletownbere.

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August 6th 4-10 pm- Ethiopian Coffee and Craft Evening- Fund Raiser

August 6th  4-10 pm- Ethiopian Coffee and Craft Evening- Fund Raiser

Free Entrance

Greetings of love and light,

Inviting all to an Ethiopian coffee evening in support of development works in Ethiopia.  We will be serving Ethiopian Coffee, spiced tea, and munchies. A small shop will be open, selling handmade Ethiopian, Kenyan and Ugandan products, including  jewelry, clothes, soft-furnishings, bags, baskets, scarves, Ethiopian coffee, nuts and spices. 

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August 1st- Film Night

Talking to my Father

August 1st 2015- 8.30 pm

Se Merry Doyle, 2015, 90 mins.

The Film documentary 'Talking to my Father' by Se Merry Doyle and Simon Walker about the work of Robin Walker architect will  be screeening on August 1st, the film will be on view on the gallery during two weeks on a smaller screen.

"Wonderful, poignant, philosophical- incredible writing, candour and humility, that film will stay with me for a while". Oda O'Carroll, travel writer

 Extract Talking to my Father

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Kieran Goss

Kieran Goss

Date: Saturday July 25th  €15 9pm

 Kieran Goss was born and raised in Mayobridge, County Down, Northern Ireland. He was just nine years old when he got his first guitar. Growing up in a big family with diverse musical tastes meant that early on he was hearing his brothers' Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson records, his mother's Frank Sinatra records and his sisters' Rolling Stones records. These varied influences gave Goss his own unique sound.

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'Jimmy Titanic' Theatre

Thursday August 13th 8:30 pm Admission €15

 Written by: Bernard McMullan Directed by: Carmel O'Reilly Performed by: Colin Hamell“Delightfully outrageous”
Boston Globe “A revelation” Broadway World. God is a Dublin gangster, Angel Gabriel is the effeminate and plucky keeper at the gates of heaven and Titanic’s legacy is 700 crewman scoring all over heaven on a weekly basis.

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Date: Sat 20th June Tickets €12

"This is a gorgeous album, the Sound of a Family immersed in music, tight in harmony, in love with song. Shine on Greenshine.” Christy Moore. Noel Shine and Mary Greene are no strangers to recording having already released three critically acclaimed folk albums to date and they have appeared on many other artists’ cds including The Republic of Loose, Christy Moore, John Spillane and Frances Black.

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Expressions Dance Party and Fundraising

Expressions Dance Party and Fundraising

Date: Friday 19th June €15

This Friday is a get up and boogy dance by Charlie Sundstrom Friday 7:30-10pm.This will not be facilitated and we'll have tea and snacks after so please do bring a nibble to share. All money raised goes to the Pachamama Alliance and Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). I shall be attending the Long Dance in UK at the end of the month which is ceremony of 72hrs where many from all over the world come together to dance, honour and pray for all life, past, present and future, on this magical planet.
Please do join me, the suggested donation is 15 euro but whatever you can afford would be very much appreciated.

'Lost songs' airs from a bygone age

Michael Howard and Fionnuala Howard, Song & Valerie Walker, Piano

 Date: Saturday June 6th Tickets €12

Valerie Walker is a pianist who taught in the Royal Irish Academy of music for decades. She is an accompanied by Fionula Howard with a history of Irish songs and Micheal Howard on guitar who played with the well known band "The Dubliners". 

Valerie Walker

Professor Valerie Walker is a distinguished teacher of piano  and an honorary fellow of the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin. Valerie  was a pupil of the late Dinah Copeman who in turn studied with Esposito, one of the leading  Italian pianists of the early 20th century and a founding father of the early Irish piano school.

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The Man In The Womans Shoes

 The Man In The Womans Shoes

Date: Sat 23rd May  Absolutely brilliant! €15 ‘I appeal to you to watch out for it – an enchanting show, hilarious.’ Gay Byrne. It is October 1978, Pope John Paul I is not long dead. Autumn is closing in and Pat Farnon has ‘some business’ to do in town. A charming encounter with an ageing man who has a boundless enthusiasm for life, The Man In The Woman’s Shoes is hilariously funny, tender and at times downright daft. Originally commissioned by The Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo with the Sligo County Council Arts Service as part of the Bealtaine Festival 2012. The Man In The Woman’s Shoes has been touring throughout Ireland.

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High Tide Club presents O'Sahara Luka Bloom & Friends

 O'Sahara at High Tide Club Thursday 9th April 9pm €15

Luka Bloom was born Kevin Barry Moore on 23.05.1955. He was christened after an Irishman who was hanged at 18 by the British in Mountjoy Jail. This made for a nervous 18th Birthday. Then they decided to never call him Kevin; so the only place ‘Kevin’ exists is on passports etc….Then in 1987, Barry decided to create Luka bloom, an anonymous identity for the songs he writes and sings. Since the last century Luka has played a fair bit in exotic places like Sydney, Hamburg, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Ennistimon. He has also recorded 20 albums; each of which is highly regarded by his family and friends.

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Don Baker & Clara Rose

Don Baker & Clara Rose are recording their new album and are heading to perform for us in Castletownbere at The High Tide Club on Sat 14th March....It will be our first gig of the year and are so looking forward to kicking off our music events with these two wonderful Musicians......Tel 086 1930552 or 027 70387 for more details. Tickets €15



Naming Baby

Naming Baby is a new play by Jennifer Russell about hard-hitting relationship issues. Directed by Julie Aldridge featuring the Hungry Hill Players, a Beara based amateur theatre group.

Naming Baby was a huge success, a full house three nights in a row, superb performance by all.







The launch of Matt Padwick's first novel 

Thursday 5th February


Liam O'Maonlaoí New Year's Eve

Liam O'Maonlaoí comes back to play New Year's Eve doors open 9pm Admission €15

 Last April Liam Ó Maonlaí played for us at The High Tide Club to a sell out show.  We shared a magical evening with Liam and had a sell out gig.  It was one of the major highlights of the year for the club and we have no doubt New Years Eve will be another special night and highly recommend booking a ticket.   

Born in 1964, Dublin Ireland, Liam O Maonlai is one of Ireland’s best-loved musicians and singers, both in rock and traditional music. Spanning over twenty years Liam’s career has seen him have number one hits in over twenty countries, to playing with Aboriginal musicians in Australia outback and recording with some of the worlds best musicians including Carlos Nunes, Donal Luney, U2, Van Morrison to name but a few. A master pianist, Liam also performs on guitar, harp, tin whistle and bodhrán.



Christmas Shopping Weekend & Pop-Up Boutique

Christmas shopping Saturday, December 6th,11am till late & continues Sunday 7th, 1pm till 6pm

Cocktails & Fashion Parade Saturday at 7pm.

Come along to the gallery to do your Christmas shopping, craft, design, paintings, diaries and christmas cards available, along side Analene's Pop-Up Boutique. 

Paula Gomez and Stephen Housden

Performing on Friday December 19th at 9pm, the duo are back at The High Tide Club.

The highlight of this event is the launch of the new single 'Rivermouth' by Paula Gomez. 

 Singer/Songwriter Paula Gómez has been making a career in music in Ireland,Spain and the UK.In September 2012 Paula released her first three track EP "The Cauldron Sessions" recorded in Dublin's Cauldron studios by Producer/Guitarist Bill Shanley (Ray Davies,Mary Black) and featuring Van Morrison drummer Liam Bradley and Keyboard player Andrew Holdsworth.Paula has just released her new album Love & Hate from Cauldron Studios again with the production of Bill Shanley,Andrew Holdsworth also featuring Stephen Housden, bassist Rob Malone(David Gray), drummers Paul Brennan (Mundy,Damien Rice) and Dave McClelland (Noel Redding, Roy Harper).

Read more: Paula Gomez and Stephen Housden

The Howling Gales

Friday 10th October  8pm Tickets €12

THE HOWLING GALES came together when four singer songwriters from Bantry met for a casual jam. Darragh had been asked to cover a gig in a local music venue last minute, and Marc, Bean and Benji joined Darragh for the gig. They went down a storm and have decided to do a small tour of Ireland to celebrate. Featuring Darragh Coakley and Marc de Zoeten from THE CALVINISTS, Bean Dolan from JUKEBOX GYPSY and Benji Connolly from THE HIGHER ANIMALS. The Howling Gales sound is on the bluesy-rock end of the spectrum, and they already have a number of original compositions that will released on an album in early 2015. 

Read more: The Howling Gales

Poetry Performance Evening

Saturday November 29th 8pm

Featured guest poets will include members of the Hungry Hill Writers, a local writers group, John Baylis Post, Jennifer Russell, Ann O’Carroll, Stephen Martin, Anne O’Leary and Anita Heffernan. In addition Leanne O’Sullivan, Paul O’Colmáin and Róisín Power Hackett, will perform on the night.Though this event includes featured guest poets, it will close with an open mic, so whether you come to listen or to read all are welcome. For more information on the event, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. More information on the Hungry Hill Writers here. Free event



Saturday 27th September 8pm €15

Nigel Mooney is among one of Ireland's leading blues singers / guitarists. His album 'The Bohemian Mooney' was released in 2013 and won the Irish Times Jazz Album of the Year. Nigel has also performed on the Late Late Show.

Members of the band include his working group of Johnny Taylor (piano), Dan Bodwell (bass) and Dominic Mullan (drums), with Richie Buckley, Linley Hamilton and Michael Buckley among the horn section.

Listen to Nigel on the Late Late Show here

To book please phone 02770387 or 0861930552.

Dylan Tighe

Saturday 20th September 8pm

Having released his debut album, ‘Record’ earlier this year. Dylan Tighe has been compared with Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen. He has been described by the Sunday Times as, ‘an exquisite songwriter’. His music is unique and deeply person as he often deals with his experience of mental health issues. Dylan is also involved in the theatre. His album was part of a wider project where he fused theatre and his music together on stage. A video of his song 'Lamontrigne'  is here


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