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Sarah Walker and other Artists


Sarah Walker's most recent paintings are currently on show at Sarah Walker Gallery.

This exhibition includes Walker's recent large oil paintings of meadow flowers in season.  With a darkened edge and background, the intensity of detail of the specific wildflowers which grow so abundantly in Beara, is heightened. Alongside these works in the inner gallery you can find recent large swimming and cliff paintings creating a beautiful balance between land and sea.

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Esther Balazs

Opening May 3rd

This exhibition will show a selection of Esther Balazs’ drawings and paintings. Balazs’ works are abstract and subtle with a very individual language. They have a poised strength, captivating the viewer with a gentle invitation into an asthetic space that is both powerful and sensitive. They have a minimal and thoughtfully considered structure but are equally woven with intuition - these works make you very aware of the space that they hold. Showing until May 26th.

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Buí Doreen Kilfeather and Aisling Farinella


Opening June 1st

Buí is an exhibition by photographer Doreen Kilfeather in collaboration with stylist Aisling Farinella, showing at the Sarah Walker Gallery from June 1st -30, 2024.
A collection of photographs, featuring the photographer’s daughter Elsa Murray and fashion by Simone Rocha, were shot on location at Bothar Buí, West Cork. Themes of retreat, domesticity, women and nature are woven through the images which were created in winter and summer seasons 2020/21. The images for exhibition were shot on medium format film and printed on a range of Hahnemühle fine art paper and Japanese Awagami papers. Limited editions of a selection of prints will be available.

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In Parallell - Martin Gale and Charles Tyrrell

Opening Saturday July 13th at 5pm

Presented by Fenton Projects, bringing together new paintings by Irish artists Martin Gale and Charles Tyrrell, this will be an exhibition of stimulating contrasts. In an exciting pairing of these two artists and longtime friends since their time in art college together in Dublin in the early 1970s, the exhibition will include new large-scale paintings from each.

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title exhibitions-upcoming