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Rosemary Burke

Paper is the medium that Rosemary chooses to work with, using mathematical, geometric, and natural patterns, transformed through paper by means of measuring, cutting, scoring, folding, and pleating.

She is also testing a range of fabric, lighting, and shadows, with the view that paper has a life of its own, each fold made leads onto the next seemingly directing itself, careful not to push too far it will snap.

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Book: 'Walter Leonard Cole, 3 Mountjoy Square'

In pictures and text the book tells the story of a Northern protestant Christina Swanzy, the widow of Sean Connolly, Captain of the Irish citizen Army, the first person to fire a shot in the Easter Rising, himself shot and killed the same day, and of her relationship with my grandfather Walter Leonard Cole TD and Alderman, who was a close friend of Arthur Griffith and host to the underground cabinet meetings of the first Dáil in his magnificently restored home in Mountjoy Square, Dublin.

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title exhibitions-upcoming