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Tom de Paor August 2019

Tom de Paor is well known in Ireland as an architect. He was born in London in 1967. The architect completed a BA in architecture in UCD and has been practising since 1991. DePaor architects was established in the same year and has since won many AAI and RIAI awards and was commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs to design the inaugural Irish pavilion for the 7th International Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2000.He has been a member of Aos Dana since 2015. 

 His recent water colours are a departure from his work as an architect and designer. He paints abstract works that play with shape, line, and colour. Drawing and sketching has long been a part of architectural practice, and while de Paor's paintings can be seen as separate to his architectural practice, their form and execution hint at the architectural mind behind them. These small scale paintings on paper will be on show in the gallery from August 3rd.


title exhibitions-upcoming

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