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Bóthar Buí / Noreile Breen & Áine Gallagher

From 31 July 2021


An upcoming visual and sound exhibition by Noreile Breen and Áine Gallagher, using drawings, photographs,and sound to present an on-site record of Robin Walker's Bóthar Buí on the Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork. Using their practice mediums, they will present their analytical and observational findings at the Sarah Walker Gallery.


Noreile Breen is an architect and lecturer based between Dublin, Limerick and Kerry. Her practice focuses on creating buildings which have a rich spatial character with distinct qualities of light and are rooted in the built heritage of the Irish rural landscape. 

Áine Gallagher is a sound artist and radio producer whose work uses conversational and observational audio recordings to present an aural understanding of our cultural landscape. She is focused on composing relationships between the human experience and the conceived environment.


title exhibitions-upcoming