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Clare Langan - Elysian

July 22nd until August 20th


Sarah Walker Gallery and Fenton Projects in their first collaboration will host an exhibition of photography by Clare Langan this summer in Castletownbere, Co Cork. Aosdána member, Clare langan, mainly known for her expansive films and video installations has also had a parallel photography practice.


In the spring of this year Langan exhibited 'At the Gates of Silent Memory' in Luan Gallery, Athlone curated by Eamonn Maxwell.
Sarah Walker Gallery and Fenton Projects will come together to curate a selection of photographs bringing Clare's work to the area where she lives in the South West Coast of Ireland. This is a region of her home country which is particularly ravaged by increasingly frequent storms. Langan's film and photography work has always been concerned with climate change and our human relationship with it. Internationally renowned for her film work, stills ie 'Storm (Gravity) and 'Heart of a Tree I' show solitary figures in a landscape challenged by the elements.
The collection to be shown in Castletownbere will focus on the human element in her work; poignant images evoking war, transformation, evolution and deeply personal connection.

"We're here for just a short time. We're here just for a moment.
My films and photographs speculate on possible future worlds, in light of an ever- changing present"

Clare Langan 2023

title exhibitions-upcoming