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Esther Balazs

May 3rd to 28th

This exhibition shows a selection of Esther Balazs’ drawings and paintings. Balazs’ works are abstract and subtle with a very individual language. They have a poised strength, captivating the viewer with a gentle invitation into an aesthetic space that is both powerful and sensitive. They have a minimal and thoughtfully considered structure but are equally woven with intuition - these works make you very aware of the space that they hold. 

Esther Balazs is a visual artist and violinist. She was born in Munich and studied art education at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. She then went on to study painting with Professor Dollhopf at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. She is a member of the Swabian professional association of visual artists, Fürstenfeldbruck artists' association, and Bavarian sound artists' association. Having been resident in Temple Bar Gallery and Studios in 1997 and having lived and worked for some time in West Cork she has exhibited extensively in both Ireland and Germany. More recently she has exhibited in "Borders in Space and Time" Karl Trautmann Preis exhibition in 2022, and in 2021 in "In Motion" , 30 years of the cultural workshop HAUS 10, both in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany.

"Perhaps one can see the works of Esther Balázs as a retreat of the artist into an aesthetic space. In this space she reflects the properties of color, its relationship to light and the reactions of green to blue, for example. There she balances with surfaces, plays with proportions. You feel and see the caution, the experiment, the feeling, the back and forth - but in truth it is a self-confident insistence on the autonomy of painting. Her pictures convey this claim. The image comes from the color, arises from the processual nature of the painting technique. Especially since her working stay on the west coast of Ireland, Esther Balázs has impressed people with her informal painting of undiminished high quality. Painting as an elementary experience, magnificent, sensitive, essential." - Anette Urban, Maxgalerie Augsburg, 2018

title exhibitions-upcoming