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Esther Balazs

May 3rd to 28th

This exhibition shows a selection of Esther Balazs’ drawings and paintings. Balazs’ works are abstract and subtle with a very individual language. They have a poised strength, captivating the viewer with a gentle invitation into an aesthetic space that is both powerful and sensitive. They have a minimal and thoughtfully considered structure but are equally woven with intuition - these works make you very aware of the space that they hold. 

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Sarah Walker and other Artists


Sarah Walker's most recent paintings are currently on show at Sarah Walker Gallery.

This exhibition includes Walker's recent large oil paintings of meadow flowers in season.  With a darkened edge and background, the intensity of detail of the specific wildflowers which grow so abundantly in Beara, is heightened. Alongside these works in the inner gallery you can find recent large swimming and cliff paintings creating a beautiful balance between land and sea.

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Late Summer at Bere Island Arts Festival


Opening by Neil Jordan Writer & Director

Saturday 23rd 6- 8pm at Wild Atlantic Glamping

This exhibition runs through the inaugural Bere Island Arts Festival from Thursday 21st through Sunday 24th from 12pm - 5pm at Wild Atlantic Glamping on Bere Island.

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Clare Langan - Elizium from July 22nd 2023

July 22nd until September 3rd


Sarah Walker Gallery and Fenton Projects in their first collaboration will host an exhibition of photography by internationally renowned Irish artist Clare Langan this summer in Castletownbere, Co Cork.

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Sarah Walker and other Artists

Until July 18th

A selection of current work by Sarah Walker 

Also currently on show is a selection of other artist's work; Rachel Ballagh, Cathy Bacon, Jenny Richardson, Helle Hellsner, Sinead Cullen, Harald Kurreck and Con Kelleher including painting, sculpture and photography.

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Con Kelleher / Sarah Walker

Currently on show a selection of new paintings by Sarah Walker and photography by Con Kelleher

Con Kelleher, a photographer based in Macroom, Co Cork uses his keen eye to capture a landscape in his semi-abstract images, he is also a well known photographer of musicans.

In these works he has focused on areas of special interest in his local region.

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Whats Going On In The Garden?

Graduate Summer Show 2022

Whether the garden is an imagined world, the planet that we inhabit and effect, the flora of past and present, or the emotive atmospheric landscape of memory and experience, each artist’s work engages with the next. The inclusion of established artists creates another dynamic; an echoing of an already rich conversation while offering a quiet support for the graduates as emerging artists.

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West Cork Artists at Catherine Hammond Gallery

July 7th until August 20th 2022

Sarah Walker will be showing some new works in the exhibition "West Cork Artists", the inagural show of a new venue at the Old Methodist Church in Bantry square. The official launch of this exhibition will take place on Friday the 8th of July from 6-8pm. The exhibition will run from July 7th untill August 20th 2022.

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Bóthar Buí

June 2022 - new paintings of Bóthar Buí by Sarah Walker. 

 The year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of when the Walker family first came to Bóthar Buí. Renowned Irish Architect Robin Walker designed this incredible assemblage of farmhouses and contemporary modernistic structures, creating a beautiful, secluded holiday villa close to the village of Ardgroom. Bóthar Buí was one of four private houses Walker designed at the time and was included in the Irish Architecture Foundation exhibit at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2008.

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Mezzanine Design Shop

This year in the mezzanine we are delighted to have the beautiful rocking boat made a few metres away at the end of the sea inlet where the gallery stands. Made by Tommy fitzgerald, whose family have been making boats for generations in Castletownbere.

We also have new ceramics by Darren Francis Cassidy

The mezzanine upstairs overlooking the main gallery is a shop area with a wide selection of ceramics and design, including Cormac Boydell's plates, the Connolly Brothers' locally made wood turned bowls and dishes, Chloe Dowds pots and cups, Lucinda Robertson hand blown glasses. There is a collection of Jenny Richardson's 'critters'; hand painted pieces of driftwood in various animal and bird shapes. Jacqueline O'Driscoll's cyanotypes can also be found here, as well as Sarah Walker's 30cm square oils on linen.

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Rosemary Burke

Paper is the medium that Rosemary chooses to work with, using mathematical, geometric, and natural patterns, transformed through paper by means of measuring, cutting, scoring, folding, and pleating.

She is also testing a range of fabric, lighting, and shadows, with the view that paper has a life of its own, each fold made leads onto the next seemingly directing itself, careful not to push too far it will snap.

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Sarah Walker Exhibition, Oliver Sears Gallery Dublin until Nov 12th 2021

Walter Leonard Cole, 3 Mountjoy Square

Oliver Sears Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of a new exhibition of paintings by Dublin born artist, Sarah Walker.

Accompanied by an illustrated book, the exhibition narrates the story of the artist’s maternal grandfather, Walter Leonard Cole, T.D. and Alderman, and of his magnificent house in Mountjoy Square, an underground meeting place for the Dáil and Treaty negotiations in early 1920's Dublin.

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a consideration: all is fair in love and war (?)

September 2021 Project

Kate McSharry’s experimentation with concrete and its elegant engagement with the surrounding space at Sarah Walker Gallery continues in ‘a consideration: all is fair in love and war (?)’

This week-long project is an initial response to one of Peter Schjeldahl’s Hot, Cold, Heavy, Light essays, observing the nature of concrete as a material and how the cast concrete body parts are activated by their context. There is a focus on the changing light in this space, and how the sculptural pieces engage with the gallery floor.

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Bóthar Buí / Noreile Breen & Áine Gallagher

August 2021 

A visual and sound exhibition by Noreile Breen and Áine Gallagher, using drawings, photographs,and sound to present an on-site record of Robin Walker's Bóthar Buí on the Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork. Using their practice mediums, they present their analytical and observational findings in the gallery for the month of August.

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Under 18s

A mini series of paintings by Sarah Walker and Cathy Bacon about non-helicopter parenting.

Naturally, there are very real dangers to children and teenagers growing up and of course it is of utmost importance to provide them with care and protection, but some people suffer more fear than others with the task of parenting, which unfortunately can lead to overly zealous protection of children, also known as helicopter parenting.
This small series of paintings is a glimpse of the quiet unseen courage of children developing through teenage years into adulthood. A sense of adventure is inherent in most children but is often curbed and dampened by fear instilled from parents and guardians. How damaging is it to personal development to replace courage with fear?

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Winter/Spring 20/21

2020 Paintings by Sarah Walker

A selection of new paintings inspired by the landscape and flora of the Beara peninsula by Sarah Walker.

Sarah has found more time than usual to paint in 2020 and has maximised her studio time during covid lockdowns. She has been as inspired as ever to paint from her local environs, these are the new paintings which are currently on view in the gallery.

This year Sarah has also been continuuing her work on a completley different subject, a series of paintings from the last five years, which will be shown in Oliver Sears gallery in Dublin October 2021.

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20th Anniversary Exhibition August 2020

Group show including Taffina Flood, Rachel Ballagh, Cathy Bacon and Sarah Walker.

202020 celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Sarah Walker Gallery since opening. Each artist’s practice is distinctly individual, while successful in complimenting one another on the walls of this wonderful open space. On entering the building you are struck with the colourful and exciting large-scale paintings by Taffina Flood that brighten up the gallery on rainy days, and add a bouncing energy on the sunny ones. In contrast Cathy Bacon’s work brings up a familiarity in the storytelling of common life events, some misted with what seems to be an unsettling memory, allowing for a quiet and contemplative moment in the gallery. Rachel Ballagh’s striking and memorable portrait alongside her other work, provides an insight into her thinking and consciousness of the ordinary. Sarah Walker’s work shows off the beauty of the surroundings in West Cork, a place where she is proud to ground her livelihood.  

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Kate Murphy and Ellen Duffy

Main Gallery- July 2020

 Currently showing in the Main Gallery is a joint exhibition of Kate Murphys sculptural works and Ellen Duffys works on paper. Kates works titled Corner and Revealed Reliance were part of her Fine Art Degree Show in 2019 in Technological University Dublin. Her work titled Dismantle was realised during a residency in the Fire Station Artists Studio as the recipient of the Graduate Award for Sculpture in 2019. Ellen is exhibiting a series of works on paper realised during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic when access to her studio in the RHA was restricted. Ellen was awarded the RHA Graduate Studio Award after a successful degree show in 2019 in Technological University Dublin. Ellen was one of eleven leading Irish artists commissioned by the Dock to produce a body of work in 2020.She has upcoming shows in The Draiocht in Dublin and The Dock Arts Centre in 2021. The works in this exhibition were made individually and exhibited together. This exhibiton was curated by Kate and previously the two artists have collaborated together. Both artists are working on a project supported by the Dock, this project aims to merge both Ellens and Kates practice and will result in a week long working week in Ellens studio in the RHA in August. The final installation will be presented in the form of an open studio.

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Sarah Walker Tapestry

Ithaca Tree

 A new Sarah Walker tapestry titled Ithaca Tree is hanging in the main gallery, a large scale variation on the small tapestry Dusk Tree from 2018, using a new Grecian blue colour in silk.

A painting titled Eyeries Field is made up of nine panels hanging in a square on the gable end of the gallery. It is a description of a meadow on the edge of the village of Eyeries split in a modernist sense into nine separate images which make up a whole.

Many of the other paintings on view were made on a residency in Cill Riallaig Arts Centre, Co Kerry in July 2019.

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Tom de Paor - A E I O U

August 2019 

A selection of 189 portraits of lower case vowels in watercolour on 300gsm paper, 290 x 210mm, landscape format. Made in Spring 2019

Tom de Paor architect graduated from UCD in 1991 where he is a Design Fellow and since 2016, a Design Critic at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
He was elected Fellow of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland and Young Architect of the Year by Building Design / Corus in 2003, member of Aosdana in 2015 and International Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2017.

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Michael Healy-Harald Kurreck-Sarah Walker

Main Gallery July 2019

Currently showing in the main gallery is an exhibition of Michael Healy's hand-carved ewe 'needles' and walking stick, wood art objects by Harald Kurreck and works on paper and canvas by Sarah Walker.

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Sarah Walker Tapestry

July 2019 Inner Gallery

Sarah Walker's first tapestry will be exhibited for the month of July. The tapestry 'Emmet on the Strand' was hand-tufted in Connemara with wool, silk and linen in 2016. The image is based on a painting from The Boxing Diaries series exhibited in Oliver Sears Gallery 2015.

In the main gallery a selection of 2019 graduate's work will be on show with Sarah Walker work on paper.

Carol Reid White

 May June 2019  Inner Gallery

Carol Reid White is an American collage artist and retired museum art educator living in Ireland since 1987. She produces colourful, often humorous collages using human figures and scenes from the natural world, often with a beach setting. She has been working on this particular body of work over the past 7 years. As a past art educator in museums and galleries, the art historical perspective is important to Reid White. Displayed in the gallery are a selection of such collage works, alongside three sketchbooks which show the process of her work. We encourage viewers to look through the sketchbooks as well as the works on the wall to see the artist's process. Recurring motifs of armour, birds and beach scenes form a cohesive thread through the selection; however each individual work also speaks for itself.

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Rachel Ballagh - Harald Kurreck - Sarah Walker


May June 2019  Main Gallery

Currently showing in the main gallery is an exhibition of  Rachel Ballagh's drawings and Harald Kurreck's wood art, with two works on paper by Sarah Walker. 

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An Exhibition of Student Urban Design Work for Castletownbere

Students in the Second Year at the School of Architecture University of Limerick have been spending the past number of weeks engaged in design projects for the town of Castletownbere in west Co. Cork. As part of the national outlook of SAUL each year, students are asked to carry out in-depth studies of sites and towns across the country. Castletownbere was chosen as a place which is a scenic location for tourism, but uniquely, also has a thriving fishing port – one of the two largest in the country, and the town’s greatest asset.

It all adds up to the perfect vehicle for the students to carry out a long-overdue urban study – to use the educational resources of the University to survey and document the town’s historic buildings, to make design proposals for the public realm, the connections between the town and the sea, and to identify areas where future urban development, including housing, might occur. Although these may only be College design projects, the students hope that they might start a discussion locally about a future vision for the town, based on proper urban design principles.

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Big Paper Show

Sarah Walker Gallery has the pleasure of exhibiting artworks on paper by recent graduates Anna Gallwey, Electra Grant, Lucy Hyland, and Muireann Kelleher from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, alongside work by Sarah Walker, Carol Healy, and Cathy Bacon. Exhibition runs until August 26th.

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Summer 2018

There is a selection of paintings on canvas and paper by Sarah Walker, Cathy Bacon, Lucy Hyland, and Electra Grant on view in the main gallery. There is also a collection of work by various artists in the upstairs mezzanine.


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Spring 2018

During the spring there is a selection of paintings by Sarah Walker on view and a colllection of other artists work in the upstairs mezzanine.

Sarah exhibited a selection of tapestries designed by her and made in Oughterard, Connemara by Dixons. The exhibition took place in Oliver Sears Gallery, Molesworth St, Dublin from May 11th to June 23rd.

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Anelys Wolf - Tables and Heritage

November 17th to 25th

Anelys Wolf is an artist visiting from the island of Chiloé in Chile, she has been making paintings of local people in Beara from a collection of their family photographs. 

Anelys is the daughter of a cutural mix that characterizes the northern areas of the Chiloé Archipelago. Her mother hailed from Quinchao Island in the Chiloé archipelago’s inner sea, from where, as a student, she would go on horseback, boat, and then by train to reach Ancud Teacher training School, where she trained as an elementary school teacher. Her father was a descendant of German settlers, dedicated to agriculture and commerce. Anelys grew up in a typical home in Ancud, with the rain at the window and the warmth of the fire in the wood stove.

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