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June-Jennifer Comerford

June 2015

Featured Artist

Jennifer Comerford

Jennifer Comerford born in Tipperary is a graduate student from GMIT.Her original printed paper cut into geometric shapes in monochrome colours are based on concepts of the personality and the working mind “a place of mass storage”. These are intricate yet logically laid out art works which bring into focus the functions of the brain, it's ability to store memories, thoughts and encounters. The mind being a place of mass storage always engaged and working. Comerford plays with the idea of seeing the personality as a whole through representations of the subconscious. In her work we are invited to go behind the scenes into the deeper hidden workings of the personality.


"My work centres on the hidden layers of our personalities. Our brains are constantly filing and storing thoughts, memories and encounters. All happenings are stored unawares to us in our main frame, the brain. There is a multitude of activity constantly going on within our own realms, the mind being our mass storage containing every reaction no matter how seemingly insignificant.

 I am interested in exploring the mind in the physical sense, to make seen that which is not. The paper itself plays an important role, it is a representation of the mind through layering, patterns and 3D shapes. The medium of etching is also quite significant in that it is permanent; mirroring every encounter we have ever experienced, etching it into our being. Only glimpses of our true self are generally seen, the real work happening behind the scenes in our subconscious. This is landscaping of the intricate mind."






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