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July - Christopher Banahan

July 2015

Featured Artist

Christopher Banahan

Banahan is known for his reflective portraits of childhood in which children’s faces are viewed, with a certain posed formality ,through patterned fabric screens, a device that bestows a distanced retrospective quality. Here he exhibits a series of paintings homage to Vermeer and Ingres as well as two small paintings of boys on timber.


 It’s a mood that fits the artist ,Thomas Brezing’s title phrase ” remember when we were older “ in the way it proposes a future recollection, a way of looking at the present as though we are already looking back on it. Banahan works on wood, often allowing the grain to maintain a stubborn, residual presence, coming through the image, adding to the sense of duration, imparting the feeling that the image is tenuous, immaterial, barely there against the immensity of time.”







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