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August to Late September 2017

Margaret Corcoran with a selection of graduates.

"Dark Aspasia" - is a work following a theme from Margaret Corcoran's most recent solo show: Aspasia - An Influential Immigrant, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin. It was reviewed favourably by Frieze Art Magazine, London and The Irish Times.


The Three Graces are part of an ongoing series of watercolours and canvases based on images of the sculptor Canova's Neo- Classical marble masterpiece. The three goddesses are shown nude, huddled together. Their heads almost touching. Corcoran liked the delicate beauty and peaceful balance that seems to exist between the three heads.

Also on show will be installations by a  selection of students; Dominika Glowinkowska, graduate from NCAD and  from the Crawford College of Art, Cork; etchings by undergraduate Aaron Philips, textile installation by Carly Gadbury, metal work by Cian Carroll, and photographs by Artem Trofimenko.



Carly Gadbury: My work attempts to evoke a sense of recognition by drawing attention to commonly used domestic materials such as; curtains, lace netting and tablecloths, each fabric enriched with individual memories. These materials by nature create a comfortable and homely environment, whilst taking into consideration the history of a typical Irish "woman's role" within the home. Bringing back to light these once adored, old-fashioned authentic fabrics, which are now neglected and discarded from our society, and have now been replaced with mass produced synthetic fabrics and printed patterns. Combining these materials with broken roof tiles which once served a purpose within the home, bringing a new purpose to the object by being stacked to echo the layout of a typical Irish hot-press.

Cian Carroll: At this current time, I am predominantly working in sheets of aluminium. I cut, fold and bend the sheet metal to achieve structural, linear objects resembling flowers. One of the main concerns of my work is to give the illusion of a flower bud blossoming over time. Surface decoration and colour also play a big role in the work. Using spray paint to decorate the pieces in such a way that certain folds in the metal are almost dulled, contrasting with other deliberately complex folds.

Dominika Glowinska: The title of this lenticular is 'Two World's' featuring a portrait of my internet persona and physical everyday identity. My work explorers the two worlds we live in simultaneously, the internet space and physical space. The contrast of the two portraits distinguishes the two environments from one another at different angels, but once they are seen from a straight view the two worlds blur together.

Aaron Philips: This work investigates the study of place attachment and how people can leave a piece of themselves in a space, be it emotionally or physically. Created using stone lithography and suspended using the personal device of a shoelace, paying homage to that of a shoe tree.

Artem Trofimenko: As we move though life we might find ourselves facing a mental wall, the mechanism built to control relationships and behaviours. We might feel as an outsider, unable to fully participate in the world surrounding us, disconnected from our emotions. Just like children that are afraid to let go of their hurt, they commit to feeling cast out. The meaning is in realising your freedom, the choice to be open. By reconnecting with our personal truth and being able to show the vulnerability that resulted from our deepest wounds, we can begin this epic journey towards integration. Our personal Joys are our guidance and our truest expressions.

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