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Damian Magee and Sarah Walker 2013

Damian Magee

Damian Magee graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine and Applied Art – University of Ulster, Belfast (1998), and took Foundation Studies in Fine art And Design in Lurgan Technical College. "For some time" he explains, "I have been producing analytical paintings of the landscape found in and around Ireland, with a particular focus on the essential physical geography in the form of isolated islands, documented within expansive colour fields". "Utilising this documentary context, the ‘neutral' space becomes an arena in which to explore subjective relationships between physical geography and interconnected systems of identity. Social, religious, historical, political and psychological space has been aggregated onto the painted surface transforming the objective arena into a pregnant space where landscape and culture become inextricably connected".

The recipient of travel and arts awards from the Arts Council of NI, and a residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre and Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Damian Magee has had many successful solo shows and his work forms part of the public collections of Galway City University Hospital, Dundalk District Council, Lurgan Technical College and other corporate and private collections.



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