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Graduate Summer Show 2013

"2013 Graduate Summer Show"
Dates: August 3rd to 25th 2013

The first thing you see when you enter this year’s summer show is a chaotic sculptural form rising towards the 20ft height ceiling of the main gallery. It also could be described as a giant paper Jack in the Beanstalk. This is the work of Caroline Keane, just graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design. The piece is made of handmade paper, Caroline is interested in the excess material objects consumed and discarded within our environment, she is curious about the amount of waste accumulated by an individual and she uses the left over materials of consumption in a creative way as an art material.



Also in the main gallery is a beautifully executed installation with handmade wall paper and two dining chairs upholstered in the same print by Emma Johnston, also of Limerick School of Art and Design. Emma quotes Hermann Hesse's book, A Man by the Name of Zeigler, in reference to her current work – “Outwardly I like to distinguish myself by my tendency to dress somewhat beyond my means, always in the fashion of the year. Since I cannot afford the fashions of the month or season, it goes without saying that I despise them as a foolish affectation.”

Amber Broughton, Emma Glynn, Katerina Hlavocova, Laura Perrem, and Sinead O'Niell are all recent graduates from the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork city.

Amber's fine detailed drawings on large stretches of floating fabric are inspired by her connection with rural Ireland. Open spaces provide a sight of quietness, while her solitary animals may act as companions.

Emma’s drawings and books delve into the psycological experiences of the first days of school.

Sinead's large pencil drawings on paper are concerned with her turbulant relationship with her hair, expressing it as both beautiful and sinister.

Czech native Katerina, with her fastidiously carried out bathroom installation including various typically Irish every day objects, allows a critical and humorous insight into her perception of Irish society as viewed from a self-described outsider.

Laura’s work is about her other self, with the help of friends she made a full body cast of herself in plaster and photographed it on an East Cork beach, included in the exhibition are three fine pigment prints of these images, a short curious film entitled “Waterdress” and a “hula-hoop” made of pheasant feathers.

From the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, Arlene McPadden has taxidermied a pheasant and a hare together, she is interested in hybridization, as in the ways in which forms become separated and recombine with new forms in new practices, this makes for fascinating art work.

Gearoid McGinley also representing the Galway Mayo Institute, will be showing his hand crafted porcelain pistols, with flora and fauna stencilled images, bringing to mind contradicting themes of fragility and destruction.

For the first time, included is a student all the way from the University of Ulster, Anne McAlarney shows a series of small acrylics on canvas about the effect of health issues within family life.

And finally this year there will be a surprise inclusion of six small works on canvas fresh from the New York studio of Corban Walker.

















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