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Early September 2014

Currently exhibiting a selection of Sarah Walker paintings on canvas and paper along with Tempy Osborne miniature works on wood, Fiona Harrington's delicate lacework on paper and Cormac Boydell ceramic plates 

 Much of Sarah Walker's work is based on the environment of the Beara Peninsula, in which she lives and is the result of various travels to other remote areas of the world including India and Central America.

 Tempy Osbourne has always been fascinated with concepts of personal, portable and interactive art. Her current miniature and wearable works draw inspiration from culturally diverse sources, including the meticulousness of Victorian miniatures.

 Fiona Harrington graduated from NCAD in 2013. She specialised in Handmade Irish lace. Inspired by the landscape around her; its divisions, boundaries and historical structures and using her lace-making skills she creates delicate artworks.  

Cormac Boydell  has been working in ceramics since 1983. In making his work Boydell uses no tools, relishing instead in the direct contact between hands and clay. 



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