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Tempy Osborne & Finola Cooney May 2015


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Tempy Osborne & Finola Cooney

Currently on show are digitally photographed minature paintings of West Cork landscapes by Finola Cooney that capture feelings of the object's poetic ability. Finola shows how mundane objects (in this case man-made ditritus) which she found emerging in her studied landscapes, can take on interesting new realms when given attension and focus. Also being exhibited are some brilliently unique oil on patterned fabric paintings by Tempy Osborne.Tempy manages to create images which individually convey small ideas but that can collectively tell a larger story, these works have unique small aspects painted with a great amount attention to detail. There is a mixture of Arctic and Cork landscape inspired paintings on show in the gallery. Throughout Tempy’s work ideas of climate change, mass culture and fear of the unknown are continually prominent.

Tempy Osborne Artist's Statement

"I am a student of DIT, BA (Hons) Visual Arts course on Sherkin Island, Co.Cork. Isamu Noguchi’s words, we are the landscape of all we have seen, have remained very close to the central concept of my work, in that on both a physical and an emotional level every object and every person that we have come into contact with leave a valuable and important trace if we take notice. My aim in this work is to give a fresh look at the familiar and to enhance the poetic possibilities of objects, in the hope that when taken out of their surroundings they will have a different resonance for the viewer, with the idea that unexpected relationships can develop if we are open to experiencing them.

 By juxtaposing the manufactured with the natural, the discarded and wasted with the renewable, I attempt to raise questions about our assumptions, our preconceptions and that which we overlook or ignore as a consequence. These images relate to the meeting point of nature and culture, the organic invaded by the man-made. My hope is that these extracted man-made images will echo and integrate with the natural surroundings, that unusual or awkward alignments will find an unexpected harmony." 

 Fiona Cooney Artist's Statement

“The natural and man-made detritus which snakes its way out of its surroundings into our imaginations informs all of Finola's work. The misplaced and discarded are not so much jarring interruptions in the natural order as new and unexplored routes into the familiar. Her aim is to enhance the poetic possibilities of an object, which when taken out of its surroundings can have a different resonance for the viewer, with the idea that unexpected relationships can develop if we are open to experiencing them.”

Finola Cooney works mainly through the mediums of painting, photography and print. This collection of photographs is inspired by the words of Isamu Noguchi and the beauty to be found in the mundane and everyday objects protruding from the landscape of West Cork. “We are the landscape of all we have seen"Isamu Noguchi.

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