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Corban Walker and Kate McSharry

September 2020

An installation of work by Corban Walker and Kate McSharry.  


This exhibition visualises the subtleties of the connections and interruptions that we experience through our encounters with others - occurrences that have changed drastically since the onset of the current pandemic. Groundwork explores an ongoing stream of thought in this regard. The simple acts of shaking hands, getting lost in a crowd, or meandering around busy spaces are things of the past for the foreseeable future. Walker's drawings remind us of his work Please Adjust (2011) where we experienced the idea of how 'one person's actions can have broad consequences that lead to adjustments of expectations in life and in art' - Culture Ireland (Corban Walker, Venice Biennale 2011). This is, once again, particularly relevant now. We are now required to stay separated, linear, almost stiff with our interactions. Here, we offer another way of viewing the ‘new normal’.

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Sarah Walker Tapestry

 A new Sarah Walker tapestry titled Ithaca Tree is hanging in the main gallery, a large scale variation on the small tapestry Dusk Tree from 2018, using a new Grecian blue colour in silk.

A painting titled Eyeries Field is made up of nine panels hanging in a square on the gable end of the gallery. It is a description of a meadow on the edge of the village of Eyeries split in a modernist sense into nine separate images which make up a whole.

Many of the other paintings on view were made on a residency in Cill Riallaig Arts Centre, Co Kerry in July 2019.

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In the mezzanine upstairs overlooking the main gallery there is a shop with a wide selection of ceramics and design, including Cormac Boydell's plates, the Connolly Brothers' locally made wood turned bowls and dishes, Chloe Dowds pots and cups,  Adele Stanley vases, Siobhan Steele bottles, and Melania Lynch sculptures. There is a collection of Jenny Richardson's 'critters'; hand painted pieces of driftwood in various animal and bird shapes. Jacqueline O'Driscoll's cyanotypes can also be found here, as well as Sarah Walker's 30cm square oils on linen. There are also art books, poetry books, novels and the 2019 Gallery Diary, along with a large variety of cards and mini reproductions of Sarah Walker paintings. Everything here is available in the online gallery and can be purchased online. 

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title exhibitions-upcoming