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Melania Lynch - Speak in Silence 2013

"Speak in Silence"
September 20th to October 4th 2013
Featured Artist
Melania Lynch

Melania Lynch's  solo show consists of an installation of sculptural pieces along with paintings and drawings.  Her work has been shown in the gallery previously in the three person show "Skylike and the Monkey Minds".

Also showing in the Inner Gallery is a sound installation by Tess Leak; "Field Recordings of a Resurrection Machine".

An Interview with René Magritte

By Hyatt Carter

HyC: I’ve often wondered why you call this painting The Human Condition.
RM: What conclusion did you draw?
HyC: None. I’m still wondering.
They both laugh.
RM: Sometimes, in a fictional tale, you have a story within the story. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, you have a play within the play. Here we have . . .
HyC: A painting within the painting.
RM: Notice that the painting within the painting—here, in front of the window—shows the landscape that the painting hides from view.
HyC: Yes, I see.
RM: (pointing as he explains) The actual tree in the landscape—you can’t see the tree itself. You can see the tree in the painting—right there. But you know the real tree is there behind the painting, because your mind projects it out there in the real landscape. The logic of the painting demands this. You picture it in your mind. And that is also how you see the real world in everyday life: you see the world as being outside yourself, but what you actually experience is a mental representation—(he taps his head)—a mental event, inside, in here.
HyC: I get it now. The painting is a metaphor about how we see. A visual pun. Clamn dever, to use a Spoonerism.
RM: Indeed. Because it’s also a metaphor about how we don’t see. What’s out there— really?
HyC: And that reminds me of the famous opening line of Hamlet. The first scene begins with Bernardo asking . . .
RM: Qui est là? Who’s there?
HyC: Two simple words, but as portentous as the four chords that open Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. And, as much to the point, the question of all Knock, Knock jokes. Who’s there? What’s out there?
RM: And why?
HyC: It raises so many questions. It’s the pictorial equivalent of the koan in the Zen tradition.
RM: Yes. When looking at the painting, you can wonder about what is imagined and what is real. Is it about the reality of appearances or the appearance of reality? What really is inside, and what is outside? What do we have here: reality, or a dream? If a dream is a revelation of waking life, waking life is also a revelation of a dream.
HyC: And the curtains—what about the curtains?
RM: That is the question.

Melania Lynch, 1976. Santiago de Chile.
Study Art in Chile, Argentina and Cuba.
Her work has been showed in many countries, for the last 15 years.
She thinks that she will never stop painting, because for her is like eating or breathing, is something essential that keeps her alive.
Through Art she question about existence, reality, emotions, language, and the way we live “with” all of that.

“Will be brilliant if the viewer connect with the image, creating relations with it, with the object-image and not with the person who did it”. - Melania Lynch


title exhibitions-upcoming