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Carol Reid White May- June 2019

 Carol Reid White is an American collage artist and retired museum art educator living in Ireland since 1987. She produces colourful, often humorous collages using human figures and scenes from the natural world, often with a beach setting. She has been working on this particular body of work over the past 7 years. As a past art educator in museums and galleries, the art historical perspective is important to Reid White. Displayed in the gallery are a selection of such collage works, alongside three sketchbooks which show the process of her work. We encourage viewers to look through the sketchbooks as well as the works on the wall to see the artist's process. Recurring motifs of armour, birds and beach scenes form a cohesive thread through the selection; however each individual work also speaks for itself.

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Sarah Walker Tapestry July 2019

Sarah Walker's first tapestry will be exhibited for the month of July. The tapestry 'Emmet on the Strand' was made in 2016, the image is based on a painting from The Boxing Diaries series exhibited in Oliver Sears Gallery 2015. It was hand-tufted in Connemara with wool, silk and linen.

In the main gallery a selection of 2019 graduate's work will be on show with a selection of Sarah Walker work on paper.

Tom de Paor August 2019

Tom de Paor Watercolours from August 3rd 2019

Tom de Paor is well known in Ireland as an architect. His recent water colours are a departure from his work as an architect and designer. These small scale paintings on paper will be on show in the gallery from August 3rd. De Paor was born in London in 1967. He completed a BA in architecture in UCD and has been practising since 1991.

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In the mezzanine upstairs overlooking the main gallery there is a shop with a wide selection of ceramics and design, including Cormac Boydell's plates, the Connolly Brothers' locally made wood turned bowls and dishes, Chloe Dowds pots and cups,  Adele Stanley vases, Siobhan Steele bottles, and Melania Lynch sculptures. We also carry a lovely collection of Jenny Richardson's 'critters'; hand painted pieces of driftwood in various animal and bird shapes. Jacqueline O'Driscoll's cyanotypes can also be found here, as well as Sarah Walker's oil on linen pieces.

There are also art books, poetry books, novels and the 2019 Gallery Diary, along with a large variety of cards and mini reproductions of Sarah Walker paintings. Everything here is available in the online gallery and can be purchased online.

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title exhibitions-upcoming

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