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Sarah Walker
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Poets Meet Politics

By Judge Philip Gross.

Price: € 6.00


By Jennifer Russell

Price: € 6.00

The Boxing Diaries

Sarah walker catalog for Oliver Sears

Price: € 10.00

Transpose : A Self Styled Revolution

A novel by Matt Padwick

Price: € 13.50

Walter Leonard Cole Book

Walter Leonard Cole, 3 Mountjoy Square A fully illustrated ...

Price: € 25.00

The Hold, A Bere Island Art Project

Mary Sullivan's book The Hold is now available in the ...

Price: € 25.00

A year out

By Jenny Richardson

Price: € 25.00


By Norman McCloskey

Price: € 45.00

Representing Art in Ireland

By The Fenton Gallery

Price: € 45.00

As Far As I Can See

By Corban Walker

Price: € 50.00


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Sarah Walker


Oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm, €2000

Buy Online.



magnolia tree