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The Hold, A Bere Island Art Project

Mary Sullivan's book The Hold is now available in the gallery. The book documents her project and exhibition of the same title which opened in Bere Island on the 17th June. The book includes a beautifully written foreword by Paula Meehan, and the series of photographs curated by Mary giving a unique insight into the lives of 24 Island women participants in the project.
The centre piece of this poignant exhibition is a quilt made up of 24 patches, each patch individually made for the project during lockdown, as the women formed a virtual collective of 'Quilting Bees', separated in their own homes but joined in a communal endeavour. Stitched into each patch are memories and items of significance to each woman's life in the island.
A must see exhibition and a great excuse to visit the island. Runs until June 26th at the Old Miltary Hall, Rerrin, Bere Island.
Price: € 25.00


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