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The Cow and the Calf

Cathy Bacon Oil on Timber 26 X 12 cm

Price: € 240.00

Tiny Hare Head

Jenny Richardson Oil on driftwood 10.5 x 3 cm

Price: € 60.00


Jenny Richardson Oil on driftwood 8 x 2 cm

Price: € 40.00


Matt Padwick Novel soft back, signed copy

Price: € 12.00

Tube Bracelet

Green and brown beads, made in South Africa

Price: € 12.00

Vanished with a Trace

Cast glass with copper oxide

Price: € 380.00

White Bird

Jenny Richardson Oil on driftwood 44 x 7 cm

Price: € 130.00

Wooden Bracelet

Made in South Africa

Price: € 10.00
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