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Chloe Dowds Creamer

Price: € 23.00


Chloe Dowds Small Mug

Price: € 25.00

Medium Mug

Chloe Dowds Medium Mug

Price: € 30.00

Grey Cup

Slip cast porcelain ware

Price: € 32.00

Large Mug

Chloe Dowds Large Mug

Price: € 35.00

Ceramic Vessel

Andrew Whitelaw Ceramic Vessel III 14 cm high

Price: € 70.00

Cypress Road

Ceramic Plate 26 x 24cm

Price: € 250.00


Saggar Fired ceramic vessel

Price: € 340.00


Seaweed saggar fired ceramic vessel 32.5 x 13.5 cm

Price: € 390.00


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Sarah Walker works on paper...


oil on fabriano paper 

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