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Darren Cassidy Ceramics - Talamh Series 2023

H 6.5 cm x W 9.2 cm

Talamh is Irish for “Land” (pronounced Tol ov)

I live in a remote corner of the South West coast of Ireland, the last village before the Cork and Kerry boarder called Ardgroom. I have lived here now for over 4 years and I proudly call it home. Over those years my way of life has changed, I have changed and so has my work. This new series called Talamh (Land) reflects the surroundings that changed me.

Each piece is hand-built and due to the technique ….completely unique. The rim is finished with a dark glaze that mixes with the deep turquoise interior.
The textured exterior is aged and finished with a copper oxide and underglaze wash, a nod to the long closed Allihies copper mines on the tip of Beara Peninsula 1812 - 1884.
Price: € 80.00


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Sarah Walker


Oil on canvas, 60 x 90 cm, €3500

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