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Cast & Polished Glass & Silver Earrings

Cast and polished glass and silver earrings designed and ...

Price: € 165.00


Melania Lynch Oil on Panel 17 x 13 cm

Price: € 80.00

Ceramic Vessel

Andrew Whitelaw Ceramic Vessel III 14 cm high

Price: € 70.00

Ceramic Vessel

Andrew Whitelaw Decorative Ceramic Vessel 11cm high

Price: € 90.00

Ceramic Vessel

Andrew Whitelaw Ceranmic Vessel 11cm high

Price: € 50.00

Ceramic Vessel II

Andrew Whitelaw Ceramic Vessel II 13 cm high

Price: € 60.00


Ceramic Plate 25 x 21 cm

Price: € 200.00

Fringed choker necklace

Black and white beads, made in South Africa

Price: € 35.00

Gallery Diary 2019

Soft touch hardback appointment diary

Price: € 15.00

Hand Painted Ceramic

Hand painted ceramic piece

Price: € 48.00


Melania Lynch Oil on Paper 32 x 24 cm

Price: € 200.00

Humpback Whale

Jenny Richardson Oil on driftwood 31 x 9.5 cm

Price: € 130.00

Large Himba Bracelet

Made in South Africa

Price: € 15.00

Laurabeth Ceramic Piece

Laurabeth Blue Dots Ceramic 7 cm

Price: € 60.00

Laurabeth earrings

Yellow earrings

Price: € 24.00

Laurabeth earrings

Light mauve earrings

Price: € 24.00

Laurabeth earrings

Green stud earrings

Price: € 20.00


Jenny Richardson Oil on Canvas 50 X 20 cm

Price: € 600.00

Message in a bottle

Siobhain Steele, Handmade Ceramic Bottles

Price: € 39.00

Message on a Bottle

Siobhain Steele, Handmade Ceramic Bottles

Price: € 39.00


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 Blackened White Oak Wood Art Object

Wood Art Object by Harald Kurreck 20cm x 20cm

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